Pillows for soldiers

Published 2:38 pm Thursday, October 22, 2009

Women at Ashton Gables Assisted Living facility kept their hands busy this month on a project to make others more comfortable.

The residents are making pillows to send to soldiers stationed overseas.

“We’re sending the pillows to Afghanistan,” resident Anne Horn said.

Activities director Katherine Breza said she felt this was a more than worthy need.

“I heard from a friend that when a soldier is out in the field, they just have to wad up their clothes to sleep on so we are making small pillows for them to use instead,” Breza said.

The residents do most of the work. They cut out the fabric, glue the sides together and fill the pillows with stuffing. Breza sews the edges together.

Breza said she thought the project would bring out the residents’ patriotic spirit. She also thought it would brighten their days.

“I just thought it would be something good they could do and it’s simple,” Breza said. “It’s good for their manual dexterity, its good for their mind and it’s a social event for them.”

The women seem to enjoy doing something for others. Resident Owen McFadden said she likes to feel useful.

“I thought it was special that we do it, especially considering how old we are,” McFadden said with a smirk.

Fellow resident Felisa Valdappa liked the idea of caring for the soldiers.

“I feel good because it will help someone to rest and support his head,” Valdappa said.

The women plan to finish two-dozen this month, with hopes to complete the same number each month.