Vincent in desperate need of leadership

Published 10:37 am Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dear Editor,

After my previous letter to the editor comparing the lack of leadership in Vincent to Jefferson County, I was accused of not having any knowledge of the situation in Vincent.

Well, actually I have attended the meetings, and the city council meetings, and some zoning board meetings.

Even more so, my family owns property on the loop, and has provided local farmers the opportunity of making their living from there.

Most importantly, my wife’s family has been a part of the Vincent area for over 100 years.

My observation is that there is a stink from city hall that only continues to get worse.

When I heard the chairman of the zoning board say there was no way the people could stop the quarry, and the mayor nodded his head in agreement, I knew the quarry had bought the city officials.

I don’t mean that everyone received bribes, some were just uninformed, and others so well directed, that they had not even considered what this monster will do to the community.

When the EBSCO experts (their credentials were well documented) gave their program on quarries, they put a very different picture on quarries than White Rock did.

After this irrefutable information on how bad the quarry will be for the community, the mayor/council still refuse to acknowledge this, refuse to consider the death nail they are driving into the Vincent community and refuse to even discuss there might be a different way to go.

Meanwhile, they seem to bask in the information that the White Rock Quarry public relations continues to spread, even while this information is based in part on half truths and outright lies.

Even while this information splits Vincent down the middle, pro quarry versus no quarry, one side of town against their neighbors on the other, still there is no response from the mayor.

Obviously there is a total lack of leadership in Vincent.