Becoming a Falcon focused transition

Published 1:25 pm Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This fall, the University of Montevallo introduced a new program for students called Becoming.

The program is divided into three different one-credit-hour courses, which are designed for students according to their classification. The coordinator of the program is Dr. Harold C. Hamilton, associate professor of management at UM.

The title of the program was taken from a landmark sculpture near Main Quad, which was created and sculpted by UM professor of art, Ted Metz, and some of his students.

The work of art captures the essence of the Montevallo experience, by the use of bronze hands to illustrate the mentoring relationship between students and faculty in pursuit of the keys of knowledge to promote continuous growth and development.

The first step of the Becoming program is Becoming 101, which has been designed for freshmen to help them make a successful transition to university life. This course introduces students to both curricular and co-curricular pathways to personal and academic development.

Becoming 201 is the second step of the program, which has been designed to help sophomore students engage and reflect on the value of classroom and experiential learning.

Students in this course are encouraged to identify interests, search for purpose or calling, and develop strategies for setting and achieving their goals. This course introduces students to the University’s opportunities for curricular and co-curricular learning, such as service learning, study abroad, undergraduate research and internships.

The third course of the program is Becoming 301, which encourages juniors and seniors to explore opportunities for collaborating with faculty and staff on projects that integrate and synthesize curricular and co-curricular learning experiences at UM.

Students explore major approaches to research and creative activity and professional practice within their majors.

Laura Wise is a student at the University of Montevallo who works for the department of public relations.