Praying for our soldiers

Published 3:17 pm Tuesday, November 10, 2009

As you go about your business on Veterans Day, take a little time, even if it’s just a minute or two, to remember the men and women who have given so much of themselves to protect so many American lives.

We live in a time of constant news cycles. Breaking news this morning is old news by this afternoon, and while we’re being constantly bombarded with new information and commentary, it can be easy to lose sight of what’s really important.

Our soldiers, those who are willing to go to new, unfamiliar places to protect the rest of us, are important.

The rights we all enjoy and cherish as Americans are important. That’s what Nov. 11 represents, and that’s why we need to remember.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget we still have soldiers in conflict overseas. Those soldiers are working hard, in terrible danger, to represent the United States to the best of their ability.

As Della Fancher made clear in her moving speech at the Shelby County Courthouse, many of those soldiers are from right here in Alabama. Some of them are our neighbors, hailing from Shelby County. Our soldiers deserve our prayers, our thoughts, our generosity and, most of all, our respect and honor.

Take some time today to say a prayer for our brave soldiers.

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