Youthful civic–minded citizens

Published 1:41 pm Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fifth graders from Katie Lawley’s class at Montevallo Elementary School, in collaboration with University of Montevallo instructor Ji Ji Lawley and the dean of the College of Education Anna McEwan, participated in a social studies inquiry project during the months of September and October.

The students began the project by visiting Montevallo’s City Council. Next, they voted as a class to help the city move forward with plans for city-wide recycling. The students researched the pros and cons of curbside, pick-up or a recycling center.

The students compiled their newly learned information and created a 10 question survey that was sent home with all Montevallo Elementary students. Finally, the students tallied the results of over 300 surveys and presented their findings at the Oct. 26 Montevallo City Council meeting.