Giving thanks

Published 7:39 pm Friday, November 20, 2009

Helena residents speak up about what they are giving thanks for in 2009.

“We are thankful that the people of Helena love books, music and movies. Kindness and support from our community provides us with a vibrant and inviting library.”

Dan Dearing & Jane Holmes Library Staff

“I am thankful for health and family, of course. I am also grateful that though we hear of terror and tragedy daily, there are many people who go about everyday, doing acts of kindness and service for their fellow man.”

Joy Garriott

“Diane and I are grateful for having found Helena for our retirement home. We have made more friends and have better neighbors than any other place we have lived during our many years of government moves. Living in Helena keeps us close to family and surrounded by natural beauty. We love it here!”

Bob Van Loan

“We are thankful for a perfect Savior with a perfect plan!” Kevin and Malerie Huguley

“We are thankful that gas prices have gone down and we can actually afford to have a Thanksgiving dinner this year! Seriously, we are thankful for our family and the opportunity to spend time with each other, especially at naptime.”

Donna Vildibill

“I am grateful for this Thanksgiving as even in a year full of sadness, I find Thanksgiving in my community, my friends and my family who all have been there for me and mine this year. You are all such special people!”

Joy Childers

“I am thankful for my children who are an absolute joy in my life. I am thankful for God holding my hand and keeping me strong in a very hard year. Very simply, I am thankful for my life.” Etricia WIlliams, Tree Lane Restaurant

“Several hundred years ago when I left the Old World for the New, on a small ship-not to be confused with the cruise ships of today-I considered myself to be quite lucky. Lucky! Let’s see-chronic seasickness, lousy food, brackish water, the aroma of body sweat, filth, and outhouse aroma (inside of course) for months at sea. The day finally arrived when we landed on the new shores of a soon to be fledgling nation.

Instead of having a nice picnic the first day, we had to unload the ship, pen the animals, chop wood and build fires. No 1-800-reservations here.

Days followed, weeks, months, years. We built a fort, fought Indians-they wanted casinos, we wanted turkey.

We lost people to sickness, disease, gunshots, an occasional arrow and frustration due to the lack of the female persuasion. Come to think of it there was no nagging. We played poker as long as we liked and nobody told us our clothes didn’t match.

Most of all, I am thankful I didn’t have to go through all of this.”

Major Dundee