Juniorettes reach out to community

Published 4:05 pm Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Juniorettes are starting two projects in the next two weeks; they are making baby blankets for newborn babies at Children’s Hospital and journals for little girls at the Clay-Chalkville School of Girls.

These are both very good causes and will help many children.

Juniorettes try to do community service once a month. The girls chosen to be in this club are randomly picked, and they must be in tenth grade or higher.

The first thing the Juniorettes will be doing are the journals for the girls. This is a great project that will give the girls their own privacy since they are basically never alone. They can share their thoughts, feelings, or what they did that day in the journals.

“I think doing the sticker journals is a wonderful idea, and I hope it will have a good effect on the girls,” senior Courtney B. said.

“It feels great knowing that we are making a difference in girls’ lives, even through something as small as giving them journals,” sophomore Morgan D. said.

The second thing the Juniorettes are doing is making baby blankets for the babies at Children’s Hospital.

The Juniorettes are very excited about this. This is a great objective because babies are born everyday and the hospital has to use so many blankets.

These blankets will probably hold a lot of their childhood memories.

“It makes me feel very good knowing that I have helped someone, who might not be able to help themselves. It is truly humbling experience to know that you have done something good for another person,” senior Courtney R. said.

“I think the blankets will give them comfort and it will allow them to have something of their own instead of sharing it with other patients,” senior Amanda F. said.

The Juniorettes love the feeling of knowing that they have helped people by doing great things, and not expecting anything out of it.

Taylor P’Pool is a staff writer for Pelham High School’s student newspaper.