County grieves officer

Published 2:11 pm Tuesday, December 8, 2009

When word spread that Pelham Police officer Philip Davis, 33, was shot and killed the night of Dec. 3 following a traffic stop on Interstate 65, there was one immediate question: Why?

Why did the life of a man so young have to be cut short so soon? Why did this senseless act of crime happen?

Hopefully, the answer to the latter question will be answered soon, as an arrest was made Dec. 4 in connection with the heinous crime.

Bart Wayne Johnson of Kimberly has been arrested and charged with capital murder in the death.

If convicted, Johnson faces the grim possibility of the death penalty or life in prison.

But the saddest part of this tragedy is there are now two families left grieving.

If anything good did come out of this senseless act, it was seeing the cooperation between many law enforcement agencies, who all pulled together for the honor of a fallen comrade.

Officers from police forces from all over the country came into the county to honor Davis at his funeral yesterday. They will remember him, and we must make sure we remember too.

Over the past week, the entire county has come together to grieve for this young man, who died in the line of duty. His sacrifice will not soon be forgotten. If you wish to make a donation to help support his family, contributions can be made at any America’s First Credit Union.