Red Mountain etiquette

Published 10:23 pm Friday, December 11, 2009

Long ago banks only deposited cash and gave loans, but Red Mountain Bank reflects how much the business has changed to meet clients’ needs.

Some things don’t change, however, such as proper etiquette. Graceful actions still earn respect. On Dec. 8, Red Mountain Bank in Inverness hosted another of its informative seminars, “Holiday Office Party Do’s and Taboos,” presented by Patricia Wehner of Professional Etiquette in Today’s Casual World.

“Sixty percent of employees get nervous when there’s going to be an office party,” said Wehner. “But, the reason for these parties is to say thank you to the staff.”

Employees may be justifiably nervous. Research (Harvard and Stanford University with Carnegie Foundation) shows technical skill and knowledge is 15 percent of how you get and advance in a job.

Eighty–five percent of your career success is connected to people skills.

Office parties are a place to be noticed in the right or wrong way. Managers are looking to promote those who know how to act well in social situations.

“Primarily, good etiquette is about showing respect and making others feel comfortable, said Wehner. “Common sense should overlay every rule.”

Wehner offered this office party advice: never forget it’s an extension of work. Leave off-color jokes, gag gifts and gossip at home.

Dress appropriately, avoiding the too short, too tight and too revealing.

Arrive on time, and don’t overstay. Smile, introduce yourself and introduce others. Speak to those outside your division, someone shy or new to the company.

Show good behavior, leadership and avoid trying to be the life of the party.

Drink something to be sociable, even if its only water, remembering that Monday morning will come. Hold your beverage in your left hand, keeping your right hand free and dry for shaking hands.

Send a hand-written thank you note to party hosts to show respect.

Red Mountain Bank hosts other events. Santa will arrive at the Inverness Branch Dec. 23 from 2-4 p.m.

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