Driver airlifted from wreck on Shelby County 25

Published 11:06 am Thursday, December 17, 2009

A wreck off Shelby County 25 has sent one person to the hospital via Lifesaver after their car left the road and turned over in a ditch. Shelby County Sheriff’s deputies temporarily have the road blocked for emergency vehicles, said Capt. Ken Burchfield

Wilsonville Mayor Rosemary Liveoak said the stretch of road has been particularly dangerous over the years.

“I’ve personally seen at least five really bad wrecks out there where cars end up nose diving into the ditch,” Liveoak said. “You don’t realize how deep it is just looking at it.”

The stretch of roadway lies between the town cemetery and the post office. Liveoak said the state approved a project more than eight years ago to widen the roadway to three lanes but have stalled on it ever since. She said widening the road would allow local traffic to stay out of the way of what she says is high volume commercial traffic. She said the town has also repeatedly asked the state to add drainage pipes to the ditch and fill the area in with dirt.

“This is the ditch we’ve been trying to get the state to take care of for years,” Liveoak said. “This just furthers the point that something needs to be done out there. I just hate to see this happen to someone else.”

Liveoak said she hopes the state will see the accident and realize the project needs to be a priority.