Proud to help honor fallen police officer

Published 11:11 am Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dear Editor,

As a Shelby County Sheriff’s dispatcher and Harpersville officer’s wife, I wanted to share my thoughts and perspective during the funeral honoring Pelham Officer Philip Davis.

I was so proud to be part of a very long and honorable processional of sheriffs, police officers and deputies all representing agencies from as far as New York and California, as well as local citizens that came to show respect to our fallen brother, Pelham Police Officer Philip Davis.

If you’ve never witnessed the honor guard at a police officer’s funeral, you would be so impressed with the dignity and formality, as well as the devotion and care given to the officer’s family.

Millions of twinkling blue lights following each other to a final resting place for a hero.

As much as I was awestruck by the six-plus-mile long patrol motorcade, I was also astounded to tears at the countless number of citizens standing in the pouring-down rain with their hands over their hearts, saluting those that stand between them and evil.

At the graveside, bagpipes hummed out a chorus of “Amazing Grace,” a 21-gun salute echoed through the rain dampened hills and a bugler bellowed out a very somber rendition of “Taps.”

Then finally when all was quiet again, the fallen officer was given a “final call,” a radio call of his number one last time. With no response, the dispatcher announced that with honor and respect the officer was returned to his creator and savior.

Final call at the graveside for Officer Philip Davis, and not one single dry eye. Our hero was honored.