Once upon a coupon

Published 10:28 am Thursday, December 24, 2009

Many of our New Year’s resolutions will revolve around two things- losing weight and saving money.

Since I have a love for shopping thrifty, I spoke with Jennifer Ropa, creator of the web site –– Once Upon a Coupon, about ringing in the New Year with some extra change in the bank.

“Like any other New Year’s resolution, the best way to make it stick is to commit to doing it. With couponing, I recommend starting slow,” said Ropa.

Ropa, who started Once-Upon-A-Coupon.com in March of 2009, is a resident of Pelham, but her Web site reaches farther than that.

“I have readers from all over the United States, even Alaska,” Ropa adds. In fact, her couponing site has approximately 2,500 followers.

With a computer programming husband, the site was easily constructed and became Ropa’s main focus.

“Once Upon a Coupon became a way for me to share with others what I learned as our family became more financially responsible,” said Ropa. “My goal was to also make Once Upon a Coupon a resource for people to learn how to coupon if they had never done it before.”

And Ropa does not plan to stop there. She has developed a workbook and curriculum for couponing classes and plans to hold her first session in February.

“I believe everyone can coupon,” says Ropa. “Couponing isn’t hard, doesn’t take too much time, and doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It’s just a matter of finding the right method of organization.”

With deals and money-saving tips updated daily, there is a lot to take in on the site.

The best component of the site though is the wallet-friendly meal planner based on the Publix weekly flyer.

This concept allows a savvy-shopper to buy and feed a family of four for a week for under $100.

Ropa’s Web site and couponing advice can be found at Once-Upon-A-Coupon.com.

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