Police Reports for the week of December 30, 2009

Published 2:59 pm Thursday, December 31, 2009


Dec. 15

-Driving under the influence-controlled substance from U.S. Highway 31 southbound @ Main Street in front of E.L. Klinner Furniture. Damaged was a 1995 Ford Crown Victoria in the amount of $2,500.

-Identity theft from undisclosed (other, unknown).

-Harassment/harassing communications from the 100 block of Warrior Drive (school, college).

-Harassing communications from the 102000 block of Highway 119.

-Theft of property from the 100 block of South Colonial Drive (department store). Stolen was a Boost Clutch 1465 valued at $79.99.

-Information only from the 100 block of Winterhaven Cove.

-Information only from the 600 block of Ninth Court Southwest.

Dec. 16

-Lost property from the 100 block of Warrior Drive.

-Harassing communications from the 100 block of Eighth Avenue.

-Domestic violence investigation/harassment from the 100 block of Fourth Place Northeast.

-Domestic violence/harassment from the 900 block of Navajo Trail.

-Burglary/theft of property from 58 Taylor Lane. Stolen were a water heater valued at $399 and an air conditioner valued at $199. Damaged was a door in the amount of $100.

-Domestic dispute from the 1200 block of First Avenue West.

-Possession of drug paraphernalia from Ram’s Gate (field, woods). Recovered was a plastic contain3er believed to be used to smoke marijuana.

Dec. 17

-Domestic violence incident/information only from the 800 block of Old Highway 31.

-Information only from undisclosed Alabaster.

-Information from the 100 block of Oak Street, Maylene.

-Theft of property from the 100 block of Big Oak Circle. Stolen was a “Submariner” Rolex watch.

-Theft of property from First Street South (department store). Stolen was an unknown item.

-Damage to property from Highway 31 and Interstate 65 south exit ramp (highway, street). Damaged were a passenger side front fender and bumper in the amount of $800.

-Harassment from the 200 block of Regency Park Drive (commercial).

-Unlawful possession of marijuana from Thompson Drive and Warrior (parking lot, garage). Recovered was 28 grams of leafy substance believed to be marijuana in a cellophane bag.

-Damage to property from Highway 31 at County Road 68 (government, public building). Damaged was a 2007 Ford Crown Victoria.


Dec. 8

-Domestic violence/violation of protection order from U.S. Highway 31, exit 231 (highway, street).

-Theft from the 100 block of Grant Circle. Stolen was unknown U.S. mail.

-Domestic violence from County Road 63.

-Domestic violence from the 1000 block of Riviera Drive.

Dec. 9

-Theft from the 11000 block of Highway 25 (service, gas station). Stolen were 21.208 gallons of gasoline valued at $53.

-Theft/burglary from the 100 block of Old Ivy Road. Stolen were a Dish DVR valued at $300, two brass umbrella stands valued at $400 and one home item valued at $200.

-Assault/disorderly conduct from 100 Calera Eagle Drive (school, college).

Dec. 10

-Assault from Summerchase Subdivision.

-Burglary/theft from 871 Meriweather Drive. Stolen were $2,500 in U.S. currency, a 42-inch flat screen television valued at $600, an Xbox 360 valued at $400 and a digital electric scale valued at 45. Damaged was a back door in the amount of $300.

-Breaking and entering of a vehicle/theft from the 100 block of Dogwood Lane. Stolen were 88 Xanax, 100 Fluspame, $80, a purse valued at $25 and a music ID card.

-Attempting to elude law enforcement/reckless endangerment from County Road 16/Calera city limits (highway, street).

-Domestic incident from the 100 block of Daventry Drive.

Dec. 11

-Theft (shoplifting) from 11028 Alabama Highway 25 (supermarket). Stolen were two diapers valued at $7.72, a Chapstick valued at $1.46, shampoo valued at $3.84, baby teethers valued at $1.86 and laundry detergent valued at $6.76.

-Forgery from 10605 U.S. Highway 31 (convenience store). Forged/counterfeited were a Gibbs Aluminum Federal Credit Union check valued at $2,680 and a KIK International LLC check in the amount of $3,625.

-Forgery/identity theft from the 57 block of County Road 87 (bank). Stolen was $2,000.

-Harassing communications from the 600 block of Waterford Lane.

Dec. 12

-Domestic incident from the 100 block of Dogwood Lane.

-Identity theft from the 4000 block of Stonecreek Way. Stolen was an Alabama Telco Credit Union account in the amount of $100.85.

-Domestic incident from County Road 209.

Dec. 13

-Harassing communications from Pilgreen Drive.

-Theft (shoplifting) from 132 County Road 87 (convenience store). Stolen was a K95 cell phone valued at $29.99.

Dec. 15

-Domestic incident from the 1800 block of 21st Avenue.

-Domestic incident from the 700 block of 10th Street.

-Criminal trespass from the 2000 block of Eighth Avenue.

-Harassment from 8454 U.S. Highway 31 (terminal).

-Theft of lost property from 251 Supercenter Drive (specialty store). Stolen $298.45 in U.S. currency.

-Theft (motor vehicle) from Kerry Drive. Stolen was a 2002 Lincoln Navigator valued at $17,500.

-Possession of marijuana from 60 County Road 87 (parking lot, garage). Recovered were a Baggie of green leafy substance and two buds of green leafy substance.

-Theft (shoplifting) from 297 Supercenter Drive (specialty store). Stolen were Samsung Go Phones valued at $159.98.

Dec. 16

-Identity theft from the 2000 block of Kensington Court.

-Harassment from Sixth Avenue.

Dec. 18

-Domestic incident from 6233 County Road 16.

Dec. 19

-Domestic incident from the 100 block of Creekstone, Tr.

Dec. 21

-Domestic violence from 100 block of Daventry Drive.

-Identity theft from unknown (bank). Stolen was $99.


Dec. 16

-Forgery/theft of property from Meyer Street (bank). Stolen were four Traders & Farmers Bank checks valued at $1.

Dec. 17

-Theft of property from Joinertown Road (school, college). Stolen was a Nintendo DS portable valued at $130.

-Harassment from the 100 block of Depot Street (parking lot, garage).

Dec. 21

-Theft of property from Highway 25 (bank). Stolen was $4,838 in U.S. currency.


Nothing to Report.


Nothing to Report.


Nothing to Report.


Dec. 15

-Unlawful breaking and entering vehicle from the 100 block of Stone Hill Circle. Stolen was an Apple iPod valued at $150.

-Criminal mischief from Sleep Inn (hotel, motel). Damaged was a passenger side sliding door lock in the amount of $500.

-Unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle from the 300 block of Mills Way. Stolen were a Northface jacket valued at $200 and a set of house keys valued at $15.

-Unlawful breaking and entering of a vehicle from Sleep Inn (hotel motel). Stolen was an Appion G5-twin refrigerant recovery machine valued at $795.

-Outside agency assist-law enforcement from the 2100 block of Pelham Parkway (commercial).

-Property damage from the parking lot of Pelham High School (school, college). Damaged was the plastic trim on a rear bumper.

Dec. 16

-Domestic violence from the 400 block of Oak Mountain Circle (hotel, motel).

-Domestic violence-menacing from 138 King Valley Drive.

-Harassment/minor in possession of alcohol from Southgate Estates Mobile Home Park (other, unknown).

-Driving under the influence of alcohol, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia from County Road 52 at entrance to Ivy Brook (highway, street). Recovered were forceps with suspected marijuana “roach” valued at $2.

-Recovery of stolen vehicle from 2235 Pelham Parkway (hotel, motel). Recovered was a 1994 Doge Intrepid valued at $2,500.

-Theft of property from the 200 block of Green Park South. Stolen was a David Industries Model D-32 firearm valued at $105.

-Theft of property from 1902 Pelham Parkway (hotel, motel). Stolen was an Alabama license plate valued at $25.

Dec. 17

-Miscellaneous information from Legacy Parc Drive.

-Theft of property from Stoneykirk Drive. Stolen were a diamond solitaire engagement ring valued at $2,500 and a diamond cluster ring valued at $1,200.

-Theft of property from the 1700 block of Burning Tree Drive. Stolen was a Garmin GPS valued at $450.

Dec. 18

-Leaving the scene of an accident-unoccupied from Interstate 65 southbound near Cahaba Valley Road (highway, street). Damaged was a 2007 Mitsubishi Galant passenger side front bumper in the amount of $2,500.

-Theft of services from 2724 Chandalar Place Drive (other, unknown).

-Theft of property from NM Construction Group, 1020 Commerce Blvd. (commercial).

-Leaving the scene of accident-occupied from the parking lot of Allen’s Food Mart. Damaged was the front bumper and hood on a 2007 Chevrolet Impala in the amount of $1,000.

-Theft of property/criminal mischief from Pelham Promenade (commercial). Stolen was a 2000 Ford Econoline van valued at $5,000. Damaged was a 2008 Dodge Sprinter van in the amount of $200.

-Miscellaneous information from unknown.

-Domestic violence from Plaza Pines Mobile Home Park.

Dec. 19

Leaving the seen of an accident-occupied from Interstate 65 southbound near County Road 52 (highway, street).

-Outside agency assist (law enforcement) from the 1900 block of Pelham Parkway (hotel, motel).

Dec. 20

-Domestic violence from the 100 block of Windsor Way.

-Manufacturing a controlled substance from County Road 52 East at Colonial Pipe (highway, street). Recovered were various components used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine.


Nothing to Report.