Couple finds success behind scenes

Published 1:17 pm Friday, January 1, 2010

When Linda (Grossman) Thacker was at Wesley College in Dover, Del., her dad accepted a job in the Birmingham area so the family moved south from New York.

After college, Linda followed.

Little did she realize where life in Alabama was going to lead her. In October 1978 she was managing the Junior department at Pizitz at Brookwood Mall.

Over in the men’s and children’s department was the young man who had all the girls whispering — Alan Thacker. Linda and Alan had a whirlwind courtship and engagement, and were married in September 1979.

Six years later their only child, Christen, was born. Linda opted to leave Pizitz after her maternity leave and just piddled around until a Beauti Control ad in the newspaper caught her eye.

This was the beginning of a very successful career as Linda established herself with home parties, re-orders and word of mouth until she became the first director in Birmingham.

Her business has branched out now to wonderful spa parties with services on feet, hands, face, scalp etc. as everyone laughs and de-stresses. Products for each type skin and problem are available.

After 18 years as a salesman with a successful vitamin company, Alan’s position was eliminated. Always a sports car enthusiast, Alan began putting together TV public service ads hoping to catch interest. Tommy Charles, a late Birmingham radio personality, called Alan as he had a common interest in vintage sports cars.

Later, Charles introduced Alan to Warren Murray, who owned a local production company. Murray and the Thackers met and discovered they had many things in common. Actually, Murray needed an on-site makeup artist as well as a scout for production locations. That was just the beginning.

Now, they run Thacker Production Services and their credits are praiseworthy.

Commercials, short films and independent movies (“Lifted” being the latest) have the Thacker touch. Some of the celebrities they’ve worked with include Dan Rather, Leslie Neilson, George Strait, Trace Atkins, Ruben Studdard, Nick Saban and Bart Starr.

Members of Alabaster United Methodist Church, they both sing in the choir. Alan is also a part-time event manager for ZOOM Motor Sports at Barber Motor Sports Park.

The couple has been to the 24-hour LeMans Race in France three times. This April they are going to Spain as both love international travel and have been several places in Asia, Europe and the Caribbean.

Thirty years into marriage and this agreeable couple seems to be doing most things just right.

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