Frisbee players brave freezing temperatures

Published 10:41 am Saturday, January 2, 2010

Never mind the sub-freezing weather. More than 20 youth and adult leaders came out for the 2010 kick-off (or should I say “throw-off”) of Grace Presbyterian’s Ultimate Frisbee on Jan. 2.

These games began in June 2007, Keith McCullers, one of the adults, told me.

“The first evening we had eight people (adults and youth),” McCullers said. “Now, we normally have anywhere from 18-25. We have had as many as 36 in the summer.”

Six to eight people play on each team. The teams take turns playing each other, teens, pre-teens and adults together, including pastor and youth leader David Stephenson.

Games are held on the field behind Chelsea Intermediate School, Saturday mornings from 9-11 a.m.

“We play in the evenings during daylight–savings time and on Saturdays once the time changes,” McCullers said. “This is a very die-hard group. We have played in temperatures below freezing and near a hundred. We’ve played in snow flurries and rain. The only weather event that stops the games is thunder and lightning.”

McCullers explained the object of the game is to score by catching a pass in the opponent’s end zone.

A player must not run with the frisbee, but may pivot after he catches it to pass it to any of the other receivers.

Players move quickly from offense to defense on turnovers that occur with a dropped pass, pass out of bounds, interception or when a player holds the frisbee for more than 10 seconds.

Instead of referees, the responsibility for fair play falls on the players.

Ultimate has brought several new kids into the youth group, McCullers said.

It’s good exercise, a great time of fellowship, helps teach sportsmanship and fair play, and has helped foster relationships among participants.

“We have a very close-knit youth group, and playing ultimate together has played a big part in this,” McCullers said.

Community youth and adults are welcome to come out and play and to attend services at the church located next door to Ekklesia Coffee House at 109 Foothills Parkway in Chelsea. They have special programs for all age groups.

The church may be contacted at 678-2663. Pastor Davy Stephenson can be reached by e-mail at The church’s Web site is

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