New year, new resolutions

Published 12:59 pm Saturday, January 2, 2010

I recently went on my annual search for the New Year’s resolutions made by friends and acquaintances in Montevallo.

I ferreted out quite a few –– some ambitious, some very serious and some with a bit of humor.

As usual, I started at the hub of the town, City Hall.

Mayor Ben McCrory and City Clerk Herman Lehman agreed theirs were both resolutions to make progress toward revitalizing the downtown. I understand they have tickets to Washington to seek funds for the project.

Down in the police department, Chief Steve Holt said, “I, again, am going to try to be a better father, and,” with a smile, “I’ll make crime ‘illegal’ in Montevallo.”

At the library, Director Christi King resolves to make a 4.0 in graduate school; she graduates in December 2010.

A little bird told us she is on the right track for that 4.0. Shirley DuBose, at the water department office, confessed her resolution is to read the Bible every day.

In a phone conversation, Nancy Wilstach, who retired from The Birmingham News some months ago, resolves to spend more time with her grandchildren, make her yard as pretty as it was when she bought her house and finish the novel she is writing.

Wilstach is accustomed to a busy life and it sounds as though she intends to continue so.

All around town folks have good intentions. Ken Jones of Regions Bank is going to take more time to enjoy the simple pleasures of this life, and Wendy Hare, the minister of the Presbyterian Church, resolves to get to know the people of Montevallo better and become more involved in community activities.

Tracy Curry-Reyes, a stay-at-home mom, vows to lose weight and become more centered spiritually.

The retired music minister Clyde Greer, wants to be more faithful to his faith, to the Lord, and to his church activities.

Doris Lien, a retired music teacher, said, “I just plan to be a better person.”

Bill Ford, the pharmacist at Montevallo Drug, responded to my question with his resolve to keep his store looking good.

Always the jokester, Mark Robinson of University Investments, said, with cheerful smirk, “I’m going to give up smoking –– that’s easy ‘cause I don’t smoke.

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