Seniors unite for community

Published 1:01 pm Monday, January 4, 2010

Gathering at the Senior Center just across the parking lot from the Pelham Racquet Club, the Pelham New Pioneers, an energetic group of folks over 55, fill their days with friendship and fun.

The center is provided by the city of Pelham and the library handles daily operations.

The Pelham New Pioneers are always on the move, and they’re getting closer to raising enough money to buy a used bus to help with transportation.

Pelham Library Director Barbara Roberts said the group’s fundraising efforts began in June 2009. Thanks to a yard sale, along with donations by both Rep. Cam Ward and Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin, the Pioneers have raised almost $10,000.

The bus will be used to assist members needing transportation to and from functions at the Senior Center and for short group excursions.

In addition to receiving a check towards their bus from Mayor Don Murphy, Pelham New Pioneers’ President Roy Jowers announced more than $300 had been raised for the family of officer Phillip Davis in an offering taken at the center, displaying the warmth and community spirit of this group. Another of the group’s active members, Dick Paxton, announced the third-annual New Year’s Eve Dance was approaching.

At this Christmas luncheon, WBRC Fox 6 television personality Janice Rogers shared with the seniors about her ties to the community and the work she does.

Murphy announced McClurkin’s donation and promised his continued support for the group’s fundraising efforts. The seniors’ choir, The Pelham Golden Voices, also treated the gathering to a lovely Christmas song.

Before the meal, the seniors all joined in one song that caught my attention. It was a lovely song about getting together and being happy –– and that seems to be just what the Pelham New Pioneers do –– come together, have great fun, and care for one another and their community.

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