Commercials should get closer scrutiny

Published 3:59 pm Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dear Editor,

I have always enjoyed Special K products. I appreciated the availability of healthier items. In the past, Special K has appeared to promote healthy lifestyle changes through eating healthy and exercising.

Now, it seems as though this has changed. This morning, I saw one of their commercials that made me rethink my opinion of Special K. The commercial to which I am referring features a mother having tea with her daughter. When the phone rings, she attempts to get out of the chair to answer it, but finds herself stuck.

The actress in the commercial is not overweight. This commercial attempts to attack even the most ordinary body shapes in order to reach the minds of even more people so they will want to buy Special K products.

The size of the actress suggests that the company is targeting people who are in a healthy body weight range.

My second concern focuses on the problem presented in the commercial: the actress becomes stuck in a child’s chair. This commercial sends the message that adult women are supposed to be the size of a child.

This commercial blatantly states that Special K is willing to air any commercial while disregarding its message, if the company believes that the commercial will increase product sells. I do not want to financially support a company that tolerates such behavior.

Other viewers who pay attention will follow suit, eventually leading to a decrease in sells and profit. Risking profits is never a smart decision, and its consequences may be more crucial during an economic downturn.

My concerns may seem inconsequential, but this would be a critical mistake. Airing commercials have consequences; otherwise companies would not bother investing time and money into producing and airing them.

Special K challenges people to lose weight by consuming Special K products. I am challenging Special K, along with any other advertising company, to be more responsible. Future commercials should receive more thought and planning.

Finally, I am challenging you to be more aware of what you are watching. Do not idly sit in front of the television, soaking in everything that it shows. Think about it. Do not allow big corporations to alter your opinions so they can make a profit. You are worth more than that.