Serving with dignity

Published 3:54 pm Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A friend of mine was speaking to a group about his role in the criminal justice system. He said that he used to have a magic wand mounted on the wall above his desk.

From time to time he would explain to the parents of troubled youths that his wand was not real, he could not wave it and change what had happened.

I attended the funeral of Pelham Police Officer Philip Davis. I did not know Officer Davis other than to see him from time to time in the courthouse but I know the type of person he was, I know well the men and women who serve as Sheriff’s deputies, police officers, state troopers and courthouse security officers. I

They are the type of people who feel a duty to protect the good, law abiding folks of our county from the evil things that can happen.

Every day, they know that they could be the next officer Davis in spite of all the precautions they may take.

Yet, knowing this, they still put on their uniform and serve with dignity, professionalism and courage.

Some months ago, I wrote in this column that I salute the men and women who serve us as law enforcement officers and firefighters.

That is not entirely accurate. More than merely saluting, I have a deep and abiding respect for these public servants. I feel a sense of gratitude that cannot be expressed in words.

I am forever indebted to them for what they do for me and every other man, woman and child who live in this county that I love so dearly.

Oh, if only I had a magic wand; there are so many things I would change. I would bring officer Davis back to his family but, sadly, I cannot do that.

The best I can do is pray that my God will wrap his loving arms around the family of Officer Davis and comfort them, give them strength and peace. I pray that my God will protect and keep safe our heroes.