Shelby County Youth Basketball League results Jan. 6

Published 2:03 pm Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The Wolves defeated the Firedogs 21 to 17. The Wolves were led by Aaliyah Cotton with 20 points, T. J. McGinnis with 6 rebounds, and Kayla Cunningham with 3 steals and a blocked shot. The Firedogs top scorers were Eli Jones with 5 and Kaden Cardwell with 4. Joel Pennington and John Paul Fox played good defense.

The Warriors beat the Wildcats 12 to 8. The Warriors were led in scoring by Norha with 4 points followed by Michael, Jalyn, Bethany, and David with 2 each. The Wildcats top players were Peyton Lawrence with 4 points, Tanner Roland with 7 rebounds, Larz Belfanz and Brannon Lovejoy played good defense.


The Inmates had a revolt and beat the Heat 46 to 34. The Inmates were led by Chris Goodwin with 20 points and 15 rebounds, Wade Martin chipped in 8 points, and Hunter Morris played some tough defense. The Heat’s Michael Kenny had 15 points and 6 rebounds, Wesley Posey scored 7 points and Jonathon Seale added 4.

The Battlecats clawed their way to victory 38 to 37 over the Bulldogs. Justin Brown led the Battlecats with 16 points, Foster Lucas had 10 rebounds, and Johnathon Brown picked up 4 steals. The Bulldogs were led by Blade Bailey with 10 points, Christian Kendrick, also, had 10 points and 14 rebounds, and Grayson Littleton added 7 points and 7 assists.

The Celtics spanked The Other Team 38 to 23. The Celtics top scorers were Smith with 12, Cothran with 11, and Cole Pate with 7. The Other Team’s leaders were Austin Balzi and Will Prosser with 7 points each, Quint Montgomery grabbed 9 rebounds, with Larry Johnson and Coleman Beasley showing good effort on both ends of the court.

DIVISION 6 (Girls)

The Vipers struck early and often to put out the Lightning 23 to 6. The Vipers leaders were Victoria Cox with 11 points, Kalei Merrifield with 13 rebounds, Marjorie Head was a defensive star, and Patti McGee hustled on both ends of the court. The Lightning was led by Kaylee, Beth, and Amery with 2 points each.

The Snowflakes put out The Glowsticks 22 to 15. The Snowflakes were led by Brooke McKinney with 8 points and 10 rebounds, Kendra Shaw scored 6, and Payton Jebeles had 9 rebounds and 5 steals. The Glowsticks leading scorers were Devin Davis with 6 points, Kelsey Shirley and Kerrigan Wood added 4 points each.

DIVISION 5 (Girls)

Poison Ivy broke out and defeated the Lady Twinkies 18 to 7. Poison Ivy was led by Caitlyn Buie with 11 points, Cydnee Goodwin with 5 rebounds, Katelyn Cummings with 8 steals, and Sara Head was a force on both ends of the court. The Lady Twinkies’ leaders were Aylissa Truss 4 points, Nadia Cockrell with 2 points, Gracie Driskell had 2 rebounds, and Dayli Wood played good defense.

The Divas beat the Bolts 16 to 9. The Divas’ were led by Sam Slaughter and Carly Ann King with 6 points each, A. Mallory had 5 rebounds and H. Mallory had 8 steals. The Bolts’ leaders were Hannah Marling 6 points, Sabrina Hawk 5 rebounds, and Charity Miller showed good hustle.


The Terminators trounced the Jaguars 22 to 5. The Terminators’ leading scorers were Russ 6 points, Bates 5 points, and Nash 4 points. Leading scorers for the Jaguars were Jason and Chase with 2 points each.

The Wildcats clawed their way to victory over the Thunderdogs 25 to 17. The Wildcats leading scorers were K. Lucas 10 points, A. Lucas 8 points, and W. Morris with 3 points. The Thunderdogs leading scorers were E. Carter 4 points, T. Falkner, L. Carter, and I. Stamps had 3 points each.

The Hammerheads put out the Blazers 25 – 23. The Hammerheads were led by Conner Davis with 15 points, E. J. Johnson had 10 rebounds, while Riley Lewter added 7 points and 3 steals. The Blazers’ leaders werr Matthew Prosser 8 points, Colby West 5 rebounds, Andrew West was a defensive star, and Austin Matzke showed good effort.

The Heat burned the Dominators 38 to 15. The Heat’s leading scorers were Chase with 13 points, Drake with 8 points, and Joel with 5 points. The Dominators’ leading scorer was David Hazel with 6, followed by Tanner Colvin, Cason Crowe, Judson Raia, and Tucker Lansford with 2 points each.