Ringing in 2010

Published 2:42 pm Friday, January 8, 2010

Not everyone makes (and keeps) New Year’s resolutions, but with a new year and a new decade ahead of us many do have big goals in mind whether they be personal or professional.

Here are just a few from around the county.

“My resolutions are pretty much the normal for many: to stay in shape, watch my diet and live life to the fullest – to be the best wife, mother and friend that I can be, putting God first in all I do. My goal, not really a resolution, is to run and complete my first 50-mile trail run. Eventually, I would like to run a 100-mile trail run, but we will start at the 50 miler. And hopefully, we can find a cure for cancer while running all of these miles,” Denise Michard with the Leukemia & Lyphoma Society said.

“2010 will be my year to exercise – so I circled the date May 21 on the calendar to exercise. Just kidding. Every year I plan in three areas of my life.

Spiritual – this past year was to do the one year new testament and to focus on the emphasis of making an impact with my life.

Family – to leave office stuff at the office, to cherish the time we invest with each other, and to take at least three fun trips throughout the year.

Professional – to focus on strengthening my strengths and to delegate my weakness,” said evangelist Scott Dawson.

“Surviving (so far) this recent downturn in the economy has forced me to consider in my career, business and personal life to “do stuff that matters”. I ask that question every time I am faced with a decision to make sure what I do matters. That is my goal for 2010. I can assure you there is probably a lot of stuff that will not be done if I ask this simple question,” said Rick Kilgore.

“We’re just trying to increase our outreach,” said Susan Dennis of the Shelby County Arts Council. “The arts council plans to open an online e-commerce gallery featuring the work of local artists, restart the Art Abilities program at Elvin Hill Elementary School, restarting art and photography classes at the juvenile detention center and continuing a blues project with the alternative high school.”

Positive Maturity and the Retired and Senior Volunteer Persons organization hope to reach a lot of milestones this year.

“We hope to set new records for volunteering opportunities and the number of volunteer hours put in — we want to reach 100 opportunities and 1 million hours by April,” said Coordinator Marvin Copes.

“My New Years Resolution is to do more for others’ this coming year,” said Judy Freeman. “It’s not in giving the present/gift that one receives joy, but the physical act of doing something to make another person happy, that one finds rewards. Big or small, it is appreciated. It’s the fellowship and the sharing, of going that extra mile for someone else that gives you such a lift in your spirit.”

Other residents have sweet and simple plans:

“Help someone every day.”

Miranda Rainey

“Read one informative book a month.”

Kim Emrick

“Learn more computer skills.”

Susan Raggsdale