Reaching Ages Apart with music

Published 10:26 am Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ages Apart, a band on the rapid rise since performing at the 2008 Buck Creek Festival, just returned from a three-month road tour to promote their debut album, ‘Can You Hear Me?’

Cody Webb formed the band with Chris Srygley, Matt Bradley and Marcus Chapman early in 2006 and their first performance was at Workplay Theater in November that year.

They followed this with an appearance at City Stages and a tour of the Southeastern circuit in 2007.

Cody Webb, lead guitarist and vocalist, wrote his first song at age 11; words he can no longer recall, as since then he has written hundreds.

At 13, he played all the instruments on his first studio recording.

With a grandfather and uncle in the music industry, Webb, who moved from Texas to Muscle Shoals at the age of 8, was privy to “a lot of really good musicians and amazing songwriters.”

This strong influence propelled him in the direction of writing and recording original music, not just performing as a cover band, although he has done his share of doing that.

Webb, who enjoys all music –– rock, classical, blues and hip–hop –– defines his personal genre as melodic hard rock.

There he explores the contrasts of emotion and introspection; beauty and aggression.

“I was blessed to know what I wanted to do in my life at an early age,” Webb said, citing the influence of Guns ‘n’ Roses and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

During college in Tuscaloosa, while earning a degree in marketing and computer science, Webb and Matt Bradley, also guitarist and vocalist, were writing and playing together, but “we needed a foundation” he said.

Grammy nominated, Dove award-winning producer Travis Wyrick (POD, 10 Years, Toby Mac) provided that when began to work with them.

“After three months in our studio here in Helena writing and working eight hours a day on pre-production for the album, Chris and I went to Lakeside Studios in Knoxville in March 2009 and spent four weeks working on the album,” Webb said.

“We have some amazing guest musicians and friends playing on the record –– Lester Estelle Jr. (“Pillar” and “Stars Go Dim”) and Lewis Cosby (“10 Years”).”

Growing up in Pelham and Helena, drummer and percussionist Chris Srygley played in the PHS band.

Srygley jokingly credits his musical interests having developed from “my mom always winning free concert tickets and CDs from the local radio stations.”

His stint in computer-animated drafting led to his current part-time day job as traffic reporter for WEZK and 97.3FM.

“We consider our music to be suitable for all ages. We have a definite message and want to reach out to youth and to the lost and show them light,” Webb said.

Jan Harrison at Bead Biz has supported the band since first hearing and meeting them. “These guys really care about their fans and want to connect,” she said.

“It is not a one way street; we want to hear from everyone,” Webb affirms. “People are our inspiration.”

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