Committee to retire Davis family mortgage plans to raise $200,000 in 20 days

Published 12:07 pm Monday, January 11, 2010

The Davis Family Mortgage Retirement Fund Committee, established in honor of fallen Pelham Police officer Philip Davis, set a goal Monday to retire the Davis family’s mortgage by raising $200,000 during the next 20 days.

Davis, who was gunned down following a traffic stop on Interstate 65 on Dec. 4, left behind a wife and two children.

On Monday, Pelham Mayor Don Murphy gathered the committee, which consists of 50 community leaders, and encouraged the group of business leaders, church officials, educators, law enforcement officials and city servants to make this dream a reality.

“You are the movers and shakers of this community,” Murphy said to the group. “Now we need you to move and shake.”

Although a fund had already been established to help the Davis family, Murphy said Davis’ widow, Paula, put all the money raised through that fund towards retiring the mortgage.

“I have people always asking, ‘What can we do?’” Murphy said. “This is what we can do.”

Pelham Police Chief Tommy Thomas said the outpouring of support for not only the Davis family, but the Pelham Police Department as well, has been astounding.

“It’s heartwarming to see the compassion,” Thomas said. “It’s really been good for the police department just to see the compassion the community has.”

But Thomas would like to see that compassion rise over the next 20 days.

“I’m asking you to do one more thing and that’s help us make this goal,” Thomas said. “I know we can do this, but we need your help.”

Chelsea Mayor Earl Niven, who chairs the fund’s mayors’ committee, said it is vital for the community of Shelby County to pull together to help the Davis family.

“This tragedy could have easily happened in Alabaster, Chelsea or Helena,” Niven said. “One city in this community will help another city.”

Pelham Council member Steve Powell said the next 20 days is an opportunity for the entire county to move past the horrific events of Dec. 3 and move forward by doing what’s right.

“I don’t want us to focus on the tragedy, but rather focus on the opportunity we have to affect positive change,” Powell said.

Payments to the Davis Family Mortgage Retirement Fund can be made at any local M&F Bank.

Once the goal is reached, the committee will hold a mortgage-burning ceremony at the Pelham Civic Complex.