Effective things not always obvious

Published 11:17 am Thursday, January 14, 2010

While traveling on Interstate 75 between Ft. Myers and Tampa, Fla., I noticed something unusual on the tall light poles along the roadway.

On top of each of these metal poles were little cone–shaped objects. After asking some questions of the native Floridian I was riding with, I discovered the purpose of these simple, but ingenious caps. Southwest Florida has a high population of osprey; a member of the hawk family.

They are large birds of prey and feed primarily on fish. With the swamps and wetlands along the interstate they have an abundance of food. With this abundance of food comes the urge to mate and build nests. The tall poles make ideal nesting places.

I have seen osprey nests built in trees and on poles unprotected by caps. The nests needed to accommodate these large birds are very large and unsightly. They are an eyesore and can cause problems.

These small caps are such a simple invention, yet perform such a great purpose. To the osprey circling a potential nesting site, the cone messes up everything.

The pole is the right height, sturdy enough and looks ideal. But something is out of place. The point on the top of the cap is not conducive to building a nest. It makes the whole site unacceptable because of one tiny modification.

When the enemy tries to build something in the heart of a Christian, there is something that protects us. The Holy Spirit that lives within us causes him problems.

At first glance, perhaps a Christian looks like every other human. Upon closer inspection, the Holy Spirit living in the heart of a Christian causes the enemy to reconsider. We are protected because our hearts are no longer ideal sites for the enemy and his tricks.

The spirit, although invisible, protects from the enemy who would like to destroy each of us. As long as we are sensitive to the spirit living in us, we can be protected and productive as we witness for God.