Holiday market funds technology

Published 10:37 pm Thursday, January 14, 2010

Embracing the need for technology funds throughout Helena Middle School, Patti Dodson, who is the school’s media specialist, organized the school’s first Holiday Market fundraiser.

“I had seen other schools offer holiday markets, so it gave me the idea of doing this at Helena Middle School,” Dodson said.

Held on the first Saturday in December, the event raised $750, which will be used school-wide for basics such as printer cartridges, speaker sets and cables. These are items that, due to the instructional budget cuts in fall 2009, are no longer provided for the teachers.

A classroom teacher, who uses her computer daily for lesson planning, for example, has no money to replace, say, a broken mouse.

To recruit vendors for the event, Dodson first contacted parents and local residents by e-mail, eventually including vendors from adjoining communities.

Participating from within the Helena community were Stacey Weston with Gurly Beads, Seneca Green with Artistry (beauty products), Laurie Hill with American Girl Doll Quilts, Beth Menke with Z-rocs (jewelry), Nicole Smith with Tupperware, Jennifer Olive and Patti Dodson with Too Sassy and Tammy Keener with Mary Kay Products.

Two members of the school staff also had exhibits –– English teacher and photographer Crystal Watford and Melinda Lucas and who paints.

“We anticipate that the Holiday Market will become an annual tradition,” Dodson said. “Now that people know about it, we see it becoming bigger and better every year.”

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