Land transactions for the week of January 20, 2010

Published 3:28 pm Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jan. 6

-Wanda Love Fancher to Tonya Williams and Kirsten Wood for $18,000 for other.

-Viola S. Carroll to Ernest S. Buchina Jr. and Lajuana H. Buchina for $285,000 for one parcel.

-James K. Sides to Donna G. Roberson for $79,900 for Lot 14 at Farris Estates and Lots One and Two Block 266 at Dunstan’s map of the town of Calera.

-Bobby E. and Charlotte H. Gardner to Hickory Hills Church for $5,000 for Lots Seven and Eight, Block 54 at Russell R. Hetz of the town of Calera.

-Mary F. Tanner and Cheryl F. Tanner to Daniel G. and Kristi Hallmark for $175,000 for Lot 11 at Clearview Estates.

-Bank of New York Mellon, formerly known as Bank of New York trustee, BAC Home Loan Servicing, formerly known as, CWALT Inc. and BAC Home Loan Servicing LP formerly known as Countrywide Home Loans Servicing LP to Willie B. O’Neal for $145,700 for Lot 302 at Savannah Pointe.

-Samuel H. Mooney to Samuel H. and Elizabeth M. Mooney for $5,000 for Lot 1135 at Brook Highland.

-Courtside Development Inc. to Thomas S. Hiley for $255,000 for Lot 34 at Courtside at Brook Highland, a condominium.

-John and Patricia A. Trovato to Rodney J. and Virginia M. Leonard for $159,000 for $159,000 Lot 98 at Amberley Woods.

-Highland Lakes Homes LLC to Jenna and Todd McCorkle for $350,000 for Lot 31-38 at Highland Lakes.

-Gregory B. Metcalf to Natalie E. Metcalf for $300,000 for Lot 18 at Legacy Parc.


-Lacey’s Grove Partners LLC to Ridgecrest Properties LLC for $30,000 for Lot 85 at Lacey’s Grove.

-Roderick M. Nicholson to Rex S. and Paula H. Pool for $39,900 for Lot 19 at Saddle Lake Farms.

-Cedarfields Farm Partnership to Martin Marietta Materials Real Estate Investments Inc. for $1,551,600 for parcels.

-Sutton Funding LLC to Protium REO I LP for $234,125 for one parcel.

-United States Steel Corporation to Ridge Crest Properties LLC for $52,500 for Lot 262 at Creekside.

-Kathryn C. Retzel to Kathryn C. Retzel, Karen R. Lilly and Michael H. Retzel for $1,000 for Lot 106 at Hidden Forest.

Jan. 8

-Nina J.and Kenneth McCord to James and Aundrea Rowe for $120,000 for Lot Two at Poplar Cove.

-Marjorie Harrison Forney and Susan Johnson Hagood, also known as Susan Lee to John Herschell Hagood for $87,550 for Lot Five at Grande View Estates Givianpour Addition to Alabaster.

-Peggy Smith Ament, personal representative, and the Estate of Marianna A. Hopkins to Shelia J. Payne for $222,500 for Lot Six, Block Four at Indian Woods Forest.

-Roger and Robin C. Eiland to Michael J. and Cathy George for $5,000 for one parcel.

-Michael J. and Cathy George to Roger and Robin C. Eiland for $5,000 for one parcel.

-Daniel C. Black to Lisa Parker for $229,000 for Lot 2549 at Highland Lakes.

-Antonish H. Chan to Stephen T. and Kelley H. Zinder for $230,000 for Lot Ten at Greystone Farms English Turn Sector.

-William Jason Lipscomb and Brandy Fowler Lipscomb to Anthony Allen Aucoin and Sandra L. Aucoin for $138,000 for Lot 16 at Woodland Hills.

-Aliant Bank to International Investment LLC for $22,000 for Lot 64 at Courtyard Manor.

-Kathleen C. and John D. Haeker to Melanie P. Ervin for $154,900 for Lot 53 at Silver Creek.

-Gibson & Anderson Construction Inc. to John A. and Theresa Pribula for $371,017 for Lot 2647 at Weatherly Highlands The Ledge.

-International Investments LLC to David B. and Alicia Mooney for $31,000 for Lot 64 at Courtyard Manor.

-Steven H. and Kristi R. Raley to Margie C. Rogers and Lawrence H. Rogers Jr. for $148,350 for Lot 28 at Fieldstone Park.

-Anita Moreland to Sarah E. Bertrand for $54,000 for Lots Nine, 10, 11, 12 and 13 at Birmingham Junction.

Jan. 11

-U.S. Bank, trustee, to Mark and Xeni Mercer for $272,500 for Lot Three at Smokey Ridge Estates.

-B. Edward and Dian M. Vining to Terry Finch for $300,000 for Lot 14, Lot A at Whispering Pines Farms Resurvey of Lots 14 and 16.

-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Tamatha DeLoach Butler for $145,000 for Lot 653 at Waterford Cove.

-Margaret W. Culbert to Myrna Dell Wood for $2,000 for one parcel.

-Harold R. and Frances J. Walker to McNeill Properties LLC for $400,000 for one parcel.

-Thornton New Home Sales Inc. to Miles and Maggie Little for $158,000 for Lot Six-118 at Chelsea Park.

-Thornton New Home Sales Inc. to James E. and Deborah Wilhoit for $204,000 for Lot 164 at Holland Lakes.

-Shelby Resources Inc. to David Avera Guthrie for $131,450 for Lot 32 at Hayebury.

-Pedro R. Azuero and Catalina Suarez to Brent M. and Happiness V. Deason for $170,000 for Lot 1519 at Old Cahaba Four.

-SouthPoint Bank Inc. to Eddie J. Jackson and Tiras C. Allen for $180,000 for Lot 36 at Lake Forest.

-Thomas Hal Hames and Linda M. Hames to Craig and Michelle Grossmann for $370,000 for Lot 1135 at Highland Lakes.

-Thornton New Home Sales Inc. to Orentel J. Stenson Sr. and Shelia M. Stenson for $230,000 for Lot 48 at Chesser Plantation.

-Thornton New Home Sales Inc. to Ruth M. Higginbotham and Elmer Milton Higginbotham Jr. for $138,900 for Lot 15 at Holland Lakes.

-Wesley B. Harless, Laura Evan Harless and Bernard C. York to Sterling Companies LLC for $290,000 for Lot 2541 at Highland Lakes.

-Savannah Building Company LLC to Sierra Building Company LLC for $1,840,175 Lots Three, Four, Five, Seven, Nine 10, 25, 28, 39, 47, 49, 50, 56 at Eagle Cove Subdivision.

Jan. 12

-Thurland D. and Elizabeth Yarbrough to Timothy J. Jeffery for $269,900 for Lot 423 at Savannah Poinnte Five.

-Don Martin Construction Co. Inc. to Robert Timothy Adams and Jamye Rebecca Adams for $189,900 for Lot 1826 at Perthshire at Bllantrae.

-D.R. Horton Inc. Birmingham to Feleicia M. Knight for $151,400 for Lot 91 at Kensington Place.

-D.R. Horton Inc. Birmingham to Fate Bryant Sr. for $134,720 for Lot 77 at Kensington Place.

-D.R. Horton Inc. Birmingham to Frankie J. Walker for $108,505 for Lot 26 at Union Station.

Jan. 13

-CitiMortgage Inc. to Secretary of Veterans Affairs for $0 for Lot 111 at Waterford Village.

-Margaret J. Cannon to Margaret J. Cannon, Gina McManus, Troy McManus and Myles McManus for $119,020 for one parcel.

-BAC Home Loans Servicing LP to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $0 for Lot 669 at Waterford Cove.

-AGA Partners LLC to Gibson & Anderson Construction Inc. for $75,000 for 2671 at Weatherly Highlands The Ledges.

-Michael Kidd McGhee to Andrew Lewter for $20,000 for Lot Nine at Clearview Estates.

-Bruce Ervin, William C. Jones and Lee Grimes to Bovier Harmon Ervin for $338,302 for parcels.

Jan. 14

-HSBC Bank USA National Association, trustee, Sun Trust Alternative Loan Trust to Thomas W. Thomas III for $163,000 for one parcel.

-Chris and Hanna Salter to Daniel R. and Gail A. Jones for $250,000 for Lot One at Yellowleaf Plateau.

-Billy Joe Pickett to Sarah R. Pope for $78,000 for one parcel.

-Jennifer Wester to Terry W. Wester for $85,000 for Lot 988 at Waterford Highlands.

-Charles L. and Sabrina G. Collum to Charles L. and Sabrina Collum for $10,000 for Lot Two at Panorama Point.

-Larry Jason Harris and Pamela Harris to Pamela Harris for $50,000 for Lot 222 at Brynleigh Estates.

-Keith Dev Corp. to B & D Realty LLC for $265,000 for Lot Three, Lot B Two at Brook Highland Commercial No. Three Resurvey of Lot Three B.

-Donald and Amy W. English to Stephen T. and Martha J. Tindol for $197,500 for Lot 39 at Sunset Lake.

-Richard A. and Lisa A. Sokoll to Akash D. and Tatum A. Chand for $210,000 for Lot One at Countrywide.

-MMM Properties LLC to HPH Properties LLC for $312,000 for Lots 102, 103, 118, 119, 120 and 121 at Hillboro.

-Kenneth L. Merrell to Ronald L. McDuff for $116,500 for Lot 302 at Waterford Village.

Jan. 15

-Billie J. Carpenter, formerly known as Billie Ruth Jones to Billie J. Carpenter and Wallace Carpenter for $12,420 for one parcel.

-Pat Waites and Homecomings Financial Network Inc. to GMAC Mortgage LLC for $0 for Lot Four, Block C at Chandlar South Townhouses.

-Glaudis Dean Raley to Freddie Sims Raley for $20,000 for one parcel.

-Daniel S. and Amber L. Skoubye to Margaret Susan Milligan and Jerry Wayne Milligan Jr. for $243,000 for Lot 96 at Saddle Lake Farms.

-Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, formerly known as Bank of New York Trust Company and JP Morgan Chase Bank, trustee, to Shannon Pate for $96,500 for Lot 246 at Camden Cove.

-Herbert Buchanan and Herbert D. Buchanan to Ivana Lukic for $174,900 for Lot 61 at Narrow Point.

-Frank X. and Dorothy K. Fredella to Douglas E. and Patricia A. Miles for $321,500 for Lot 70 at Haven at Greystone.

-James R. Carson III and Karen E. Carson to James R. Carson III, DVM Trustee, Karen E. Carson, trustee, and the 2006 Carson Family Trust for $212,500 for Lot 30 at Hills at Brookhighland.

-Jennifer Daniels to Sherri H. Mirseyedi for $102,500 for Lot Seven at Chase Creek Townhomes.