93-year-old gets chance to ice skate again

Published 2:09 pm Monday, January 25, 2010

Lakeview Estates Assisted Living resident Mary Border used to love ice skating while growing up in Pittsburgh, but at 93 she thought she’d never get the chance to skate again.

To her surprise, that dream became a reality Monday as Border was given the chance to ice skate at the Pelham Civic Complex for her birthday as part of Lakeview Estates’ “Second Wind Dreams” program.

Lakeview Estates, located off Valleydale Road in Hoover, began the program in December as a way of granting individual wishes for the residents.

“We find out something they have never done or would like to do again, and we make it happen,” said Lakeview Estates Executive Director Leslie Venable.

To make Monday’s dream even more special, Border celebrated her 93rd birthday.

When members of the Lakeview Estates staff first told Border on Monday morning of the ice skating plans, she wasn’t sure if she believed them.

“I thought they were cooking up tales,” Border said.

Border’s daughter, Annette Brady, said her mother had been talking to her more and more about skating again, but she just didn’t know if it was possible.

“She’s been after me, wanting to take lessons,” Brady said. “When we told her this morning, she said, ‘Yeah. I’ve wanted to go skating for a long time.’”

Border was allowed to skate around the Pelham Civic Complex ice rink Monday, with help of course.

Civic Complex Skating Instructor Eric Mumper, Lakeview Estates Healthy Generations Director Fiona Cook and Amedisys Home Health Services Physical Therapist Assistant Jim Gorman assisted Border around the rink with a walker.

“I had plenty of help, otherwise I would have been horizontal, skating on my back,” Border said with a smile. “It’s only been about 80 years (since I last skated). It was unbelievable.”