Heat blisters Globe Joggers in SCYBL

Published 11:21 am Monday, January 25, 2010


The Wolves outlasted the Wildcats 25-22. The Wolves were led by Aaliyah Cotton with 13 points, while Skye Lilly and T.J. McGinnis pulled down five rebounds each. Dave Learly and Ethan Shirley were the main force on defense. The Wildcats leaders were Peyton Lawrence with seven points, Larz Belfanz had five rebounds, and Dylan Wilson played excellent defense.

The Firedogs burned the Warriors 25-11. The Firedogs leaders were Eli Jones with nine points, Cole Harmon added five, Ethan Farr got five rebounds and Joel Pennington managed four steals. The Warriors leading scorers were Noah with five points. Bailey added three.


The Heat blistered the Globe Joggers 36-27. The Heat was led by Tyler Mcnamee with 12 points. Jacquon Buie grabbed 10 rebounds and had four steals, and Alex Driskell was like a runaway train on both ends of the court. The Globe Joggers were led in scoring by Zack Smith with eight points and Jon Thomas Owen with five.

The Patriots beat the Crushers 19-12. The Patriots were led in scoring by Will Knowles with nine points and Tucker Holley added four. The Crushers leaders were Grant Joiner with six points, Ryan Harmon, Joseph Joiner, and Adison Couch had three rebounds each, while Trevor Garrett put forth a good effort.

The Wizards magic prevailed against the Cavs for a 20-13 victory. The Wizards were led in scoring by Adam Landefield with nine points and T.J. Keller chipped in four. The Cavs were led by Jake Borden with six points, Zach Borden had six rebounds, with Jamarius Mayfield and Cody Farmer getting five steals each.


The Celtics tamed the Battlecats 40-13. The Celtics leading scorers were Garrett Cothran with nine points, and Cole and Tyler Pate added eight points each. The leading scorer for the Battlecats was Justin Brown with seven points.

The Inmates doubled up the Bulldogs 44-22. The Inmates were led by Chris Goodwin with 14 points, 16 rebounds, six steals, and four assists. Hunter Morris and Wade Martin added nine rebounds each, and Clint Davis chipped in six points. The Bulldogs leading scorer was David with 10 points.

The Heat held on to defeat the Other Team 36-30. The Heat’s leaders were Michael Kenny with 19 points and 15 rebounds, Wesley Posey scored eight points and Michael Bevard pulled down nine rebounds. The Other Team leaders were Austin Balzi and Quint Montgomery with nine points each, Will Prosser grabbed nine rebounds, and Joseph Pennington showed good hustle and effort.

DIVISION 5 (Girls)

The Divas defeated the Bolts 11-8. The Divas scoring came from Alexis Mallory with five points, Carly Ann King with three, Summer Knight added two and Sam Slaughter scored one. The Bolts were led by Hannah Marling with two points and nine rebounds, Charley Clark also scored two, and Sabrina Hawk had five rebounds.

Poison Ivy kept growing and beat the Lady Twinkies 12-11. Poison Ivy was led by Caitlyn Buie with eight points, Cydnee Goodwin had seven rebounds and nine steals, with the entire team being credited for their defensive effort. The Lady Twinkies leaders were Dayli Wood with four points, Nadia Cockrell and Janie Pennington had four rebounds each, and Gracie Driskell played hard on both ends of the court.

DIVISION 6 (Girls)

The Vipers struck late to melt the Snowflakes 15 -12. The Vipers were led by Kalei Merrifield with seven points and seven rebounds, Victoria Cox provided the defensive pressure, and Marjorie Head played hard and hustled. The Snowflakes leaders were Makayla Melvin with four points, Asia McGregor pulled down 10 rebounds and Joy McDaniel had four steals.

The Lightning prevailed and beat the Glowsticks 16-15. The Lightning’s leading scorers were Karlee Cardwell with six points and Beth Danner had four. Leading scorers for the Glowsticks were Devin Davis with six points and Meagan Stevens added four.