Couple falls in love over coffee

Published 3:58 pm Friday, January 29, 2010

It’s a romantic story, worthy of the tradition of St. Valentine and Cupid, who may have been lurking around La Reunion last fall — and for all we know — may make the coffeehouse part of their regular rounds.

It was Friday Songwriter’s Night and Josh Brown, semi-newcomer from Atlanta, arrived with friend and boss, Keith Rickles.

“There she was, behind the counter washing dishes,” Brown said. “We saw each other and I immediately wanted to know who she was.”

‘She’ was Terrie Martin, a Montevallo student and familiar face with the day crowd of La Reunion working her first night by a scheduling fluke.

“I was asking Del Howell, my boss, ‘Who is that guy?’ at the same time Josh was asking Robin Howell, ‘Who’s that girl?” said Martin.

Josh worked up courage to introduce himself, but it took the intervention of his friend to contrive their first date by inviting them both to Sunday dinner at his home.

“And, by the way, Josh will pick you up, Terrie,” Rickles told them.

Their first solo date was to hear Junior Tew at La Reunion on Oct. 23. Their first concert was Ralph Stanley & Clinch Mountain Boys. On Nov. 25, Josh asked her to be his girlfriend and on Dec. 23, he proposed.

“We both have interesting past associations with coffeehouses; it’s a job I have found myself in during transition points in my life,” said Martin. “Personally, I never expected to be back in Alabama after graduating from Pelham High School in 1999.”

She attended school in Montana, worked at Yellowstone National Park and planned to attend Appalachian State, but instead found herself at Birmingham Metro Master’s Commission for the past three years.

“Before Josh appeared, I’d had a recent conversation with God, and mentioned I was ready to have a relationship. I told Him I would like someone who enjoys bluegrass music and it would be really great if he could play the banjo,” Martin says.

Brown plays guitar, banjo and dobro and played in the band Slim Pickins during his college years in Florida and, more recently, with Rustic Family band at festivals and Atlanta clubs.

Both feel many synchronicities pointed toward this being the right time to start a new life together.

Their wedding, a simple ceremony with Terrie and Josh wearing cowboy boots, was Jan. 23 at Tannehill State Park.

A reception at La Reunion followed before they departed for their secret honeymoon destination.

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