Shelby Ridge receives perfect marks

Published 1:09 pm Monday, February 8, 2010

The Alabama Department of Public Health recently bestowed the Shelby Ridge Nursing Home and Rehab Select with a rare honor, according to Shelby Ridge Administrator Sharon Baker.

During its annual review of the Alabaster-based facility, the state department determined Shelby Ridge had no deficiencies in its services.

“The state average for the number of deficiencies found at nursing homes across the state is about four,” Baker said. “So comparatively speaking, it really is an honor that we had zero deficiencies here.”

While reviewing the facility, the Department of Public Health studies every aspect of the nursing home and determines if any areas of the facility are substandard.

“While they are here, they look at nursing care, cleanliness and just take a really close look at all of our departments,” Baker said. “They even go room-to-room and talk to the residents and inspect everything.”

Baker attributed the successful state review to the facility’s staff and residents, and said it ensures Shelby Ridge is providing its customers “total care.”

“It really is because of the team effort, attitude and focus on resident care we have here,” Baker said. “This means that we are in total compliance with all of the state’s requirements.

“It helps to ensure that we have a system in place to provide our residents good care,” Baker added. “It means that the residents can be proud of the facility, and we can be proud of it too.”