Cochran shines during pageant

Published 2:29 pm Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Traveling to the Miss America Pageant in Las Vegas last week allowed me to see amazing sights, including gondolas traveling along second story canals in a lavish hotel, the view of the city’s night skyline from high atop the Stratosphere restaurant, the sunlit view of the city from the Paris Hotel’s version of the Eiffel Tower and a four-story M&Ms store.

However, the most breathtaking sight of all was Miss Alabama Liz Cochran on stage.

During the three-night preliminaries of the pageant, Cochran delivered confident performances that were high-energy and impressive. The answer to her on-stage question regarding her platform was sincere and intelligent.

Cochran performed with captivating stage presence, personality and grace that dimmed the light around everyone near her and created a spotlight on her.

Sitting in the audience, I was so incredibly proud of Liz Cochran that when she was not called among the finalists at Saturday’s nationally televised finals, I was stunned.

When my dear friend asked me who I thought would win the title from among those called, I said, “I have no idea.”

Performing as wonderfully as she had throughout the week, Liz Cochran was already my Miss America.

My only regret is that everyone here at home didn’t get to see how wonderfully Cochran performed.

What’s next for Liz Cochran? She continues her reign as Miss Alabama promoting her platform of heart health. She also continues sharing the children’s book she’s written to encourage children to make wise choices to keep their hearts healthy.

During Miss America, Cochran captured the hearts and attention of many on the national stage. Moving forward toward her future and all of the many dreams to come true that await her, Cochran performs next at her annual American Heart Association fundraiser, With Every Beat. The event is Friday, Feb. 26, at 7 p.m. at the Pelham High School Auditorium.

Come and spend the evening enjoying Cochran and many other talented dancers from across the state at PHS. Admission is $5.

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