Quarry blasting will cause severe damage

Published 3:33 pm Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dear Editor,

“In a recent newspaper ad, White Rock Quarries advertises: “When it comes to making certain White Rock Quarries makes good on its promises to protect the environment, you could rely on the company’s remarkable performance record.”

What record? The record in South Florida? Let their record speak for itself.

According to the records at the Broward County Fire Marshall’s Office, there have been no blasting complaints against White Rock Quarries or White Rock Mining since Jan. 30, 2009. Sound good? Yes, but they have not been allowed to do any blasting since Jan. 30, 2009.

However, from January 2007 through Jan. 30, 2009, there were 104 complaints filed against White Rock Mining. In every case, the fire marshal visited the homes, took pictures of the damages, and interviewed the homeowners. Some described the noise as “very loud and frightening,” and others said the house shook like an earthquake, with vibrations causing pictures to fall off the wall and dishes in the cabinets shaking.

The fire marshal inspector then verified the blasting schedules at the different blasting sites and found they had not exceeded the requirements established by Florida law.

In every case the result was “no violation.”

Is White Rock legally responsible? Not according to Florida law. But are they morally responsible? The homeowners have no recourse. Their homeowners insurance will not cover blasting damage, and White Rock will not accept the moral responsibility. That White Rock is responsible for the blasting damage is further emphasized by the fact that when the blasting stopped, so did the claims for property damage.

White Rock says, “Don’t worry, we’re going to spell out everything and abide by the law.” That’s ridiculous. These people are weasels. They don’t care about the citizens. They will find a dozen loopholes and gleefully exploit every one of them. Their sole interest is in profit.

They don’t care about the citizens in South Florida and they won’t care about the citizens of Vincent either.

In spite of White Rock’s claims, we will be just like the citizens in South Florida. Our property will be damaged, White Rock will accept no responsibility, and we will have no one to turn to.”