Firedogs beat the Warriors in SCYBL

Published 12:01 pm Monday, February 15, 2010


The Firedogs beat the Warriors 19 to 8. The Firedogs top scorers were Eli Jones with 7 points, Ethan Farr scored 3, and Cole Harmon added 2. The Warriors top scorers were Bailey scoring 4, with Maggie and Alexa adding 2 points each.

The Wildcats defeated the Wolves in overtime, 30 to 24. The Wildcats were led by Larz Belfanz with 14 points, Peyton Lawrence had 14 rebounds, and Tre Aderholt played great defense along with the entire team. The Wolves leaders were Thaddeus McGinnis with 12 points, Faythe Moore had 14 rebounds, and Skye Knighten-Lilly had 10 steals.


The Wildcats clawed the Dominators 23 to 11. The leading scorer for the Wildcats was Austin Lucas with 12 points. Craig Sims led the Dominators with 4 points.

The Terminators beat the Hammerheads 20 to 10. The Terminators were led in scoring by Nathan Bates with 10 points and Chip Nash added 5. The Hammerheads were led by Ethan Johnson with 5 points and 8 rebounds, along with Wes Hyde and Austin Dunn pulling down 7 rebounds each.

The Heat burned the Jaguars 30 to 20. The Heat’s leading scorers were J.C. Parker with 13 points and Mitchell Kines added 6. Leading the scoring for the Jaguars was Jason with 9 and Patrick added 4 points.

The Blazers hung on to beat the Thunderdogs 15 to 9. The Blazers were led by Matthew Prosser with 10 points, Colby Blythe had 11 rebounds, and Chad Merrifield hustled and showed good effort. The Thunderdogs were led by Dawson Humphries with 3 points, Lauren Carter had 5 rebounds, and Tanner Faulkner played good defense.


The Wizards cooled down the Heat 21 to 19. The Wizards were led in scoring by Adam Landefield with 13 points and Trey Sullivan added 4. The Heat was led by Jacquon Buie with 8 points, Vernon Cunningham, Jr. had 5 rebounds, with Daniel Moody and Matt Lipscomb playing good defense.

The Cavs beat the Patriots 17 to 12. The Cavs were led by JeDarius Mayfield with 9 points, Noah Reese had 9 rebounds, with Zach and Jake Borden playing good defense. The Patriots leading scorers were Will Knowles with 7 points and Tucker Holley added 3.

The Crushers defeated the GlobeJoggers 29 to 13. The Crushers top scorer was Grant Joiner with 6 points. The GlobeJoggers leading scorer was Zack Smith with 8 points.


The Other Team beat the Bulldogs 31 to 22. The Other Team was led by Austin Balzi with 10 points and 13 rebounds, Joseph Pennington was a defensive stopper, Will Prosser chipped in 8 points, and Coleman Beasley showed good effort. The Bulldogs were led in scoring by David Watkins with 7 points.

The Heat won a thriller over the Celtics 48 to 46. The Heat was led by Michael Kenny with 26 points and 14 rebounds, Wesley Posey scored 17 points, and Cameron Kemp grabbed 8 rebounds. The Celtics leading scorers were Jake Smith with 14 points and Cole Pate added 13.

The Inmates defeated the Battlecats 45 to 23. The Inmates were led by Chris Goodwin with 20 points, Hunter Morris had 7 rebounds, Bailey Merrel added 8 points, and Clint Davis played good defense. The Battlecats were led in scoring by Justin Brown with 7 points.