Land transactions for the week of February 10, 2010

Published 2:04 pm Monday, February 15, 2010

Jan. 29

-Michael C. and Marquetta O. Thompson to Michael C. Thompson for $150,000 for Lot 310 at Eagle Point.

-Debra A. Lovoy to Cissy H. and Zachary T. Lovoy for $130,000 for Lot 18 at Shannon Glenn.

-R.L.H. Construction Inc. to Ryan and Leah Huffman for $20,000 for Lot Two at Chelsea Ridge Estates.

-TP Development Company LLC to Williams Family Investments LP for $179,024 for Lot 12 at Saunders Bridge.

-Lisa A. Gfeller, now known as Lisa Gfeller Casey to Lisa Gfeller Casey and Christopher S. Casey for $130,000 for Lot Two at Meadow Brook.

Feb. 1

-James G. Alston Sr. and Sandra Alston to James G. Alston Sr. and Sandra Alston for $10,000 for one parcel.

-Ken Underwood Classic Homes Inc. to SouthPoint Bank for $140,000 for Lots Two, four, six, eight, 32, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 64, 78, 82 and 114 at Shelby Farms.

-Ken Underwood Classic Homes Inc. to SouthPoint Bank for $1,000 for Lot 36, Book 36, Page 45 at Lake Forest Sixth Sector, Lot 80 and Lot 124 Book 38, Page 149 at Shelby Farms.

-NationStar Mortgage LLC to Fannie Mae, also known as Federal National Mortgage Association for $0 for Lot 505 at Ridge at Stonehaven.

-Fannie Mae Also known as Federal National Mortgage Association to Mary M. Ranson for $115,000 for Lot 505 at Ridge at Stonehaven.

-William F. Spratlin to Sean P. Shinick for $155,900 for one parcel.

-Joshua Ryan Keys and Ashlee Keys, also known as Ashlee N. Keys to Prudential Relocaton Inc. for $147,000 for Lot Four at Emerald Ridge.

-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Zach Cruce for $147,000 for Lot Four at Emerald Ridge.

-David Acton Building Corporation to James M. and Patricia W. Tribble for $125,000 for Lot 2829 at Highland Lakes.

-Clem Douglas Burch and Angela Burch to Michael E. and Norma Mullis for $880,000 for Lot 110, Lot A at Meadow Brook Highlands Resurvey of Lots 110, 111 and 112.

-Fannie Mae, also known as Federal National Mortgage Association to Samuel R. and Richelle G. Hughes for $206,900 for Lot Three, Lot A at Trimple M. Farm Resubdivision of Lot Three.

-Carter Homebuilders Inc. to Benjamin R. Stewart for $151,000 for Lot 542 at Lake Forest.

-Scotch Home & Land Development Group Inc. to Christopher M. Meyer, Natalie L. Meyer, Mark E. Jent and Carol A. Jent for $282,307 for Lot One at Fort Meyer Estates.

-Maricia Anne Ross, formerly known as Anne Helms to Donald E. Helms for $27,500 for Lot 2810 at Weatherly Highlands The Cove.

-Kerry Scott Carter and Kimberly Wood Carter to Phuoc Nguyen and Hong T. Le for $185,000 for Lot Seven at Parkside Village.

-Cahaba Beach Investments LLC to John W. Duncan Jr. for $300,000 for Lot 110 Block 31 at Edenton, a condominium.

-James L. and Betty G. Simmons to Virgia B. Cornelius and Carol J. Caronelius for $175,000 for Lot 15 Block Three at Mission Hills.

-Amereican General Financial Services of Alabama Inc. to Southeast Straw Company Inc. for $110,000 for one parcel.

-Ed Gray Homes Inc. to Roger Bass for $80,000 for Lot 26 at Legacy Place of Greystone.

-Chase Home Finance LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $0 for Lot 221 at Stagecoach Trace Sector Two Resurvey of Final Plat.

-Chase Home Finance LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $0 for Lots Eight and Nine Block 251 at Dunstan’s survey of the town of Calera.

-Wilbur B. and Sandra K. Miles to Scott A. Anderson for $235,000 for Lot Five at Hargrave Hills.

-Fannie Mae, also known as Federal National Mortgage Association to Larry W. Owen for $145,000 for Lot 52 at Farmingdale Estates.

-Camden Cove West LLC to D.R. Horton Inc. Birmingham for $240,000 for Lots 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 86, 87, 88, 89 and 94 at Camden Cove West.

Feb. 2

-HSBC Mortgage Services Inc. to Kimberly L. Jones for $105,000 for Lot 106 at Waterford Village.

-Bunny Cox to Bunny Cox and Heather Noelle McKittrick for $47,000 for Lot 28 at Hidden Creek.

-Anthony Ifediba to Kimberly Griffin for $255,000 for Lot Three at Caldwell Mills Estates.

-Paul E. Petersen, trustee, and the Tamea L. Petersen Revocable Trust to Kristin A. Tufte and Sonja L. Rodman for $42,600 for parcels.

-Raymond A. and Kassaundra K. Smith to Jack Morris Swarts III for $442,500 for Lot 2010 at Highland Lakes.

-BAC Home Loans Servicing LP to Secretary of Veterans Affairs for $0 for Lot 451 at Windstone Four.

-Fannie Mae, also known as Federeal National Mortgage Association to Kenneth A. and April P. Carlson for $273,000 for Lot 23 at Perkins Landing. -James E. and Deborah J. Wilhoit to Mark W. Bond and Thomas L. Harkins for $134,000 for Lot 52 at Brook Hollow.

-First United Secrity Bank to Chet Acker, Roy Acker, Jack White and Alycia White for $50,000 for one parcel.

-Capstone Partners LLC to Scott L. and Katie D. Meyerpeter for $340,000 for Lot One-69 at Chelsea Park.

-William R. Jacks Sr. and Lottie A. Jacks to David K. and Rosemary Bamberg for $209,000 for Lot 44 at Bent River Estates.

-Frederick H. and Anglea Crowson to Whitney Nicole Kurtts for $99,000 for Lot 16 at Alabaster Highlands.

-John C. and Karen L. Piwetz to Cheng Qin for $294,000 for Lot 234 at Bent River Commons.

-U.S. Bank National Association, trustee, to Debbie Graves for $135,000 for Lot 225 at High Ridge Village Phase Four Resurvey of Final Plat.

-Tiffany M. and Benjamin B. Young to Thomson G. Gallagher Sr. and Deborah S. Gallagher for $236,000 for Lot 129 at Long Branch Estates.

-David Cleveland Stocks and Susan W. Stocks to Seth D. and Lindsey O. Lawrence for $217,000 for Lot 153 at Kentwood .

-R. Sheldon Tyndall and Peggy L. Tyndall to R. Sheldon Tyndall, Peggy L. Tyndall and Martin Lampman for $10,000 for Lot Three

Block Three at Cahaba Valley Estates.

-National City Bank and National City Home Loan Services Inc. to Brian and Sheila Wilkes for $114,900 for Lot 79 at Dearing Downs.

-Lee and Pamela Flori to Stephanie Stoltzner for $139,000 for Lot 102 at Narrows Reach.

-James E. Kelley, Katherine J. Kelley and James M. Kelley to Gwendolyn W. Purifoy and Stanley T. Purifoy for $119,900 for 36 at Buck Creek Landing.

-Donny and Barbara Hartsfield to L.C. and Helen H. Moore for $145,000 for Lot 11 at Park Forest.

-Robyn M. and Dwayne Etheridge to James Ralph Wills and Glenn Wills for $184,000 for Lot 151 at Autumn Ridge.

-David R. and Lana R. Aiken to Courtney Huesman for $345,000 for Lot Six at Heatherwood.

-Michael P. Jacobs, Lauren A. Jacobs and Paul T. Jacobs to William M. Frasier for $170,000 for Lot Eight at Chadwick.

-United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, also known as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Christopher Ray Chance for $85,000 for Lot 12 at Willow Creek.

-United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, also known as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Leon James McEwen for $65,000 for Lot 44 at Applegate Manor Resurvey of Lots One through 64, 89 through 104 and A through C.

-Nicole P. Heaton, alson known as Nicole P. Chambless to Tamara and Victor S. Lewis for $228,000 for Lot 210 at Forest Ridge.

-Gary A. and Karen J. Bradberry to Karen J. Bradberry for $200,000 for parcels.

-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Association to Jacob Tubbs for $185,000 for one parcel.

Fedral Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Jeff Halvorson for $95,000 for Lot 26 at Meadows.

-First Properties LLC to William R. Ricks for $1,621 for Lot 10 at Shadowbrook Subdivision.

Feb. 3

-Ronnie Bradford Boatwright, formerly known as Ronnie Kae Pair Bradford to Ronnie Bradford Boatwright and James Sumpter Boatwright for $10,000 for one parcel.

-Helen Moore Horton to Carl W. and Elishia A. Moore for $5,000 for one parcel.

-William Mack Lee, heir at law, Beatrice McAllister Lee, decased, Perry N. Lee, deceased, and Faye Williams Lee to Wiliam Mack Lee and Faye Williams Lee for $95,000 for Lot One Block Four and Lot Three Block Four at Thomas Addition to the town of Aldrich.

-ServisFirst Bank to Vincent A. and Tiffany Manley for $200,000 for Lot 109 at Willow Oaks.

-Chesser Plantation LLC to Thornton New Home Sales Inc. for $45,000 for Lot 29 at Chesser Plantation.

-Thornton New Home Sales Inc. to Lana Aiken for $139,900 for Lot 135 at Chesser Reserve.

-Cahaba Beach Investments LLC to Aaron K. Bishop for $240,600 for Lot 172 Block 34 at Edenton, a condominium.

-Susannah R. and Phillip B. Walker to John D. and Kristi Reynolds for $299,000 for Lot 18 at Oak Park Highlands.

-Ben J. Schillaci and Sandra Dianne Schillaci to Ben J. Schillaci for $200,000 for Lot 20, Lot A at Heatherwood Third Sector Resurvey of Lots 19 and 20.

Feb. 4

-Newcastle Construction Inc. to Kimberly Cooper for $94,900 for Lot 26 at Calera Commons Townhomes.

-FDIC, receiver, and Amtrust Bank to James Walter Bozeman and Debra Y. Bozeman for $121, 500 for Lot Four at Willow Ridge Addition to Indian Springs.

-Robert P. and Jane F. Basemore to Robert P. Bazemore, trustee, and the Robert P. Bazemore Management Trust for $200,000 for Lot 69 at Davenport’s Addition to Riverchase West.

-Berry Barnes to Randy and Tina Roberson for $46,400 for Lots Three and Four and Achor Valley.

-Maverick Enterprises LLC to Ronnie and Emily Lansford for $33,900 for Lot Two at Mayonice Walton Subdivision.

-Mary T. Strickland to John C. Williams for $137,000 for Lot Two at Highland.

-Richard Lamar Harris to Sherri Guy for $132,500 for Lot One at Magnolia Parc.

-Scotty Lynn Smith and Deborah Regina Smith to Captain C. Breeze for $95,500 for one parcel.

-Julious Gordon Kirkland to Stanil Handley for $58,000 for one parcel.

-David W. Bishop and Daniel G. Bishop to Edwin B. Lumpkin Jr. for $4,000 for Lot Three at Lumpkin Development.

-Bowater Alabama LLC, formerly known as Bowater Alabama Inc., formerly known as Alliance Forest Products U.S. Corp., formerly known as U.S. Alliance Coosa Pines Corporation to Edwin B. Lumpkin for $2,650,000 for one parcel.

Feb. 5

-Westervelt Company, formerly known as Gulf States Paper Corporation to Chemical Lime Company of Alabama LLC for $558,000 for one parcel.

-Sheila Brooks and Jonathan R. Brooks to Jonathan R. Brooks for $109,000 for Lot Nine at Walters Cove.

-Gail F. Willis and Leonard Royce Willis to Gail F. Willis for $258,000 for Lot Three at Habersham Place.

-Savannah Building Co. LLC to Nicholas L. and Erin L. Hardy for $148,900 for Lot 148 at Polo Crossings.

-The Lorrin Group LLC to Randy and Haley Hodges for $180,800 for Lot 62 at Villages of Westover.

-Victor Hartsfield, executor, and the Estate of Helen Hartsfield to Sivirt LLC for $77,000 for one parcel.