Buy into the financial process

Published 10:16 am Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When you look at the challenges in today’s financial world, do you feel like an underdog? What would it take to make you a winner?

You must buy into the process:

In January, set goals and priorities. What keeps you worried about money? What changes in your finances would make you happy?

For February, find a trusted advisor. Everyone needs help. Trusted means trusted (not smartest, richest or most impressive).

The job in March is to plan for taxes. Uncle Sam will be trying very hard to take more of your money.

For April, get your investments straight. What do you own? Why do you own it? How are you doing?

May is about insurance. Do a full review. What do you own? Why do you own it? Is there a better way?

In June, read a book. Knowledge is power. Understanding gives insight and perspective to every decision.

Establish or update your will in July. Pass your life savings efficiently to those you love.

In August, establish or update a durable power of attorney. Modern advances in medicine create complicated choices.

Use September to take care of any special family needs. Every family is the same, every family is different.

Get serious in October. Plan to get rid of all debt. The borrower shall be slave to the lender.

November’s job is to have a review meeting with your trusted financial adviser. What do you own? Why do you own it? How are you doing?

Develop a giving plan before Christmas. Giving to your loved ones can pay dividends that saving and investing cannot. Your family and friends are watching.

Following this process could make you feel like a financial champion.

Please consult your tax or legal professional before taking any action.