Celebrate American Village

Published 10:17 am Tuesday, February 16, 2010

History was made at The American Village Feb. 15 as two of America’s soldiers were honored for their hard work in front of 600 onlookers.

U.S. Army Gen. George W. Casey Jr. became this year’s recipient of the National Freedom Award, while The American Village’s Liberty Hall will be renamed for retired Lt. General Hal Moore.

However, the two American heroes seemed more interested in focusing attention on The American Village around them, both saying they expect The American Village to garner even more praise soon.

“This will become a nationally known institution, not just a state institution,” Casey said.

We agree with Casey.

As The American Village continues to grow, it will come to represent the best of our nation’s shared past, with many lessons for us to learn.

As the location of the Alabama National Cemetery, The American Village already means so much to our state’s veterans.

With hard work building a solid foundation, The Village will come to mean just as much to us here in Shelby County.

American Village CEO Tom Walker said it is his goal to see The American Village reach out to millions across the country.

We expect to see its influence reach America’s borders — and maybe even beyond.

For more information on The American Village, and to see all its offerings, visit the Web site at Americanvillage.org.