Expensive local stores drive buyers to others

Published 10:25 am Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dear Editor,

It’s always exciting to see new stores such as Publix coming to Chelsea. Publix is a nice store and I would love to shop there, but I currently buy groceries at Wal-Mart because of their lower prices.

Most of the time I will drive over the mountain to the Brook Highland Wal-Mart because their prices are lower and they seem to be better stocked than the Chelsea store.

I’ve heard other people say that they also shop at the Brook Highland Wal-Mart for the lower prices. Will Publix in Chelsea be higher priced than the Publix at Lee Branch?

I would love to keep my dollars in Chelsea, but if our local stores can’t match the prices of the stores over the mountain then I’ll have to continue shopping outside of Chelsea.

Unfortunately, if a lot of people do this, our new Publix will struggle to keep business. I would just like to see the prices at our Chelsea stores match those prices of the same stores located over the mountain.