This game is just for a good time

Published 4:32 pm Wednesday, February 24, 2010

On a recent Saturday, 35 lively enthusiastic seniors enjoyed the annual “just for fun and a few prizes” lunch and old-fashioned bingo at the Parker Senior Center in Montevallo as guests of the Park and Recreation Board.

The center was festive with balloons and red valentine hearts and the centerpieces were flowers and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates that were used as prizes during the bingo games.

The guests were served delicious beef vegetable soup, slaw and a variety of desserts.

Amid chatter and laughter during the games, “I’ve got it!” “Call louder,” “Bingo,” rang out as winning cards were waved in the air.

Among the many winners were: Glenice Smitherman won a box of dried fruit, C. W. Lawley won a plant, Harry Klotzman won a basket of fresh fruit, and Bob Cowan, took home a beautiful box of chocolates.

“The valentine bingo party was a huge success,” said Hilda Hicks, who along with Jamie Burns is a co-chair of the board. “And I know we’ll have it again next year.”

They and board members, Carolyn Kirby and Becky Tutwiler, coordinated the bingo party.

Kirby encouraged the seniors to come to the exercise classes at the center at 10 a.m. on Wednesdays and Fridays. The classes are led by interns from the University of Montevallo.

“The senior center has at least one special program a month,” she said, “blood pressure checks and entertainment. The exercise classes are not only enjoyed by the participants, but also by the kinesiology students, Leslie Hall and Jennifer Zimmerman, who teach the classes. The class combines movement sitting or standing which improves the heart, lungs, muscles and overall flexibility; all of which greatly aides in everyday functioning.”

The center is open for bridge and other games on the afternoons of the second Wednesdays of the month.

wThere is also a special program each month; this next month, Using Laughter to Improve Your Health will be offered.

For more information about any of the regular recreational activities and upcoming events, check out the special section of the Chamber Chatter or call 665-9205, 665-2635 or 665-5939.

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