Champions decided in SCYBL

Published 10:47 am Monday, March 1, 2010

Championships have been settled in the Shelby County Youth Basketball League.


The Heat warmed up in overtime to defeat the Patriots 21-16. The Heat was led by Tyler Mcnamee with seven points, Alex Driskell had six rebounds, Vernon Cunningham, Jr. had three steals, with Robbie Higgins and Zachary Knight playing good pressure defense. The Patriots leading scorers were Will Knowles with 12 points and Tucker Holley added four points.


The Bolts pounded the Divas 24-6. The Bolts top scorers were Charity Miller with 10 points, Hannah Marling had six points, and Charley Clark chipped in three points. The Divas scoring came from Sam Slaughter, Angel Mallory, and Carly Ann King with two points each.


The Terminators beat the Wildcats 29-17. The Terminators leading scorers were Chip Nash with nine points, Nathan Bates added seven points, and Chadwyn Russ had six points. The Wildcats leading scorers were Austin Lucas with five points, with Kaytlyn Lucas and Camden Roulier scoring three points each.


The Wolves outlasted the Firedogs 25-19. The Wolves were led by Aaliyah Cotton with 14 points, T.J. Cotton added five, and Faytje Moore had two points. The Firedogs leaders were Eli Jones with six points, with Natalie Whitner and Joel Pennington adding four points each.


The Vipers dimmed the Glowsticks 21-16. The Vipers were led by Victoria Cox with 12 points and Kaili Merrifield added five points. The Glowsticks leaders were Meredith Johnson with seven points and Karrigan Wood added six points.


The Inmates broke out to beat the Celtics 39-35. The Inmates were led by Chris Goodwin with 22 points and 15 rebounds, Clint Davis added five points, Hunter Morris grabbed eight rebounds, with Wade and Lance Martin playing good defense. The Celtics leading scorers were Cole Pate with 21 points and Garrett Cothran added seven points.