Mayor at core of life in Wilsonville

Published 3:59 pm Wednesday, March 3, 2010

If you reside or work in the town of Wilsonville, you know of the nearly famous Rosemary Liveoak, and can agree that she definitely makes Wilsonville feel like home.

As mayor, she has seen the growth that has been made over the years, and every change made to promote progress and reflect love and care.

“I have lived in Wilsonville all my life. I love this community and respect where we have been to get to the present,” she explains.

Liveoak understands the importance of looking at the big picture and trying to imagine what the future of the town could be.

“Everyone needs to dream a little and wish for the impossible sometime in their life,” she said.

When asked what advice she would give to other future leaders she elucidated the importance of enjoying what you do. Every day she makes a point to get up with a positive attitude and goal to make each day the best it can be.

As both mayor and principal of Wilsonville Elementary School, Liveoak is faced with stress as she must continually make decisions that will impact the town and school she loves.

“The key is to be organized and know what you are doing,” Liveoak said.

She is always aware of her time, and will take charge standing up for what she believes in while still making a point to be a good listener as well. She sometimes wonders if she could have said or done something different to make things better after taking action on something. “When I second guess myself,” she responds, is the most stressful part of her job.

The most rewarding part for her, however, is getting to observe students excited about learning.

“To watch as they accomplish their goals. I enjoy the hug that I get after the Kindergarten child reads their first reader to me,” she confessed.

She not only enjoys observing the hands on math and science, but likes participating with them.

After a busy week, she likes to sit down with a bag of popcorn and watch a movie, or spend time with friends and family. Most Saturdays, you can find her doing the errands that need to get done like washing clothes, cutting grass, or getting groceries. You may also see her at the occasional yard sale or trade day around town. In addition, she enjoys watching the youth ball games. Liveoak also looks forward to enjoying and spending time with her first grandchild.

Her goals include finishing the comprehensive plan for the town of Wilsonville, which is the road map to future development and drive zoning in the town, and she also wants to keep the students moving forward out of proration. It is easy to say if the town of Wilsonville were a body, Rosemary Liveoak would be both the brain and the heart.

Kennedy Tolbert is the new community columnist for Wilsonville. She can be reached at