Affected in different ways

Published 12:50 pm Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The economic crisis has affected most of us in ways that many of us could never imagine: banks folding, stock markets diving and government bailouts.

For victims of domestic violence, the impact of this downward economic spiral could be fatal.

Economic stresses often lead to more frequent, more violent and more dangerous abuse when domestic violence already exists in a relationship.

Compounding the problem, domestic violence programs face a number of economic factors — cuts in federal funding, increased demand for services and decreased private donations as people lose their jobs or see a downturn in their personal finances.

These budget constraints make it more difficult for local programs to meet the needs of their communities.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline reported calls were up 21 percent in the third quarter of 2008 compared with a year earlier.

From July 2008 to June 2009, SafeHouse experienced a significant increase in services:

-A 60 percent increase in shelter admissions.

-A 67 percent increase in admission to transitional housing.

-A 17 percent increase in crisis line calls.

-A 68 percent increase in units of service (counseling, case management, support groups, etc.).

SafeHouse’s mission is to empower survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault by breaking the cycle of violence and preventing future incidents of abuse through the provision of shelter, education and supportive services throughout the community.

But we need your help to continue offer life-saving and life-changing services to victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault and their children.

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