Land transactions for the week of March 10, 2010

Published 3:03 pm Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Feb. 26

-Ronald R. and Lois M. Reed to Tommy Deale, also known as Thomas C. Deale III and Sherry Deale for $120,000 for Lot 147 at Waterford Village.

March 1

-HSBC Bank USA to Jiong Zhang for $165,000 for Lot Three at Sunset Lake.

-Household Finance Corporation of Alabama to Landon Robertson, Lindsey Robertson and Clayton Davie Jr. for $87,000 for Lot 25 at Canyon Park Townhomes.

-NATOIONSTAR Mortgage LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association, also known as Fannie Mae for $0 for Lot 518 at Savannah Pointe.

-Bejamin Earl Brasher and Jean Brasher to George and Dana Otto for $1,260 for one parcel.

-Brad and Lesley B. McAbee to Stephanie M. and Thomas Haney for $140,000 for Lot 105 Reserve at Timberline.

-Bryant Bank to David and Robin Willard for $175,000 for Lot 125 at Shelby Farms.

-JEBCO Inc. to Mekesa N. Johnson for $169,900 for Lot 74 at Villages at Westover.

-William R. Welch II and Jennifer E. Prevelig to William R. Welch II and Jennifer E. Welch, formerly known as Jennifer E. Prevelig for $0 for Lot 20 at Hunter Hills.

-Flagstar Bank to Benjamin David Crandall for $175,500 for Lot 617 at Weybridge at Ballantrae.

-CitiMortgage Inc. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $0 for Lot 838 at Waterford Townhomes.

-BancorpSouth Bank to Robert F. and Jill Hendon for $18,500 for Lot 231 at Long Branch Estates.

-Patricia A. and Eddie E. Pardue to Stacey M. Pardue for $5,000 for one parcel.

-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Charles Scott Hall for $285,000 for Lot Five at Emerald Mountain at Meadowbrook.

-Christopher D. and Deana R. Pruett to Allison E. Slappey for $167,000 for Lot Seven at Apache Ridge.

-Don E. and Penny D. Herndon to Christopher D. and Deana R. Pruett for $289,500 for Lot 913 at Grande View Estates Givianpour Addition to Alabaster Ninth Addition Phase Two.

-Herbert Charles England and Sherri Fournier England to Christopher and Catharine Mangina for $195,000 for Lot 22 at Quail Run.

-Margaret Hope W. Smitherman and Raleigh E. Smith to Matthew J. and Kelly Sewell for $174,500 for Lot 116 at Southern Pines.

-Versal Spalding, also known as Versal Spalding Jr. and Florence H. Spalding to Kimberly L. Houston for $210,000 for Lot 248 at Eagle Point.

-Stock Loan Services LLC to Teena M. McGuinness for $130,000 for Lot 16 at View at Indian Crest.

March 2

-Fannie Mae, also known as Federal National Mortgage Association to Christopher Blake Atkins and Lauren Atkins for $82,000 for Lot 296 at Camden Cove.

-Nicholas Morgan Fuller and Jaclyn Nicole Fuller to Ashlie G. Cox for $134,500 for Lot 129 at Stonecreek.

-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Peter E. Okoh Jr. for $123,000 fopr Lot Two at Park Forest.

-Angela James Wetjen, also known as Angela Wetjen and Jeff Wetjen to Catherine A. Stellmach for $200,750 for Lot One Lot B at Stoneridge Resurvey and Subdivision of Lot One A.

-Ruth D. Lambert to Christopher Kincaid and Jennifer Kincaid, also known as Nicole Kincaid for $171,000 for Lot 68 at Fieldstone Park.

-Margie N. Hicks to Bradley Jansen Bush and Michelle Bush for $88,500 for one parcel.

-CitiMortgage Inc. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $0 for Lot 34 at Lime Creek at Chelsea Preserve.

-Bart E. and Anna D. Wood to Jonathan and Bobbie Webb for $197,000 for Lot 286 at Chandalar South.

-Brain L. Todd to Mary Margaret Brewer for $198,000 for Lot 1189 at Old Cahaba.

-Cahaba Beach Investments LLC to Thomas Plouff and Anne Marie Oberheu for $237,820 for Lot 145, Block 32 at Edenton, a condominium.

-U.S. Bank National Association, trustee, Bank of America and LaSalle Bank, trustee, to Christopher Smith for $128,690 for Lot 65 at Valley Forge.

– James Wyman Estates Sr., personal representative, James Wyman Estes Sr., personal representatives, and the Estate of Etta Lee Cason to David M. and Teresa Clements for $105,000 for Lot 12 at Cahaba Reiver Estates.

-Gaynell Caton to Timmy Joe Caton for $5,000 for Lot Nine at R. E. Whatley Subdivision of the town of Maylene and Lot Eight of the R.E. Whaley Subdivision of the town of Maylene.

-Jeffrey E. Hager, Carrie J. Hager, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. and Renasant Bank to Federal National Mortgage Association for $0 for Lot Two, Lot A, Block Two at Selkirk resurvey and subdivision of Lots One and two Block Two.

-Michael Martin to Michael Martin and Kristen M. Hardy for $50,000 for Lot 67 at Canyon Park Townhomes.

-Christine M. Scebra to Rosemarie R. Musso for $45,000 for one parcel.

March 3

-Ashley J. and Elaine H. Vernon to Eric L. Collins Jr. and Jessica W. Collins for $176,000 for Lot 16, Lot A at Old Cahaba 11B resurvey and Lot 16, Lot B at Old Cahaba 11 B resurvey.

-Billy Thomas, also known as Willie M. Thomas to Robert B. and Amanda M. Franklin for $650,000 for one parcel.

-Wade A. and Michele R. Neilsen to Stancil Handley for $53,016 for one parcel.

-Bank of New York Mellon, formerly known as Bank of New York, trustee, and CWABS Inc. to Koraniqua N. Pittman for $117,000 for Lot 11 at Braelinn Village.

-Bank of New York, JP Morgan Chase Bank, trustee, and CWHEQ Revolving Home Equity Loan Trust to Sedrick Rudolph and Bridgett Stallworth for $109,900 for Lot One at Old Ivy Phase One Resurvey.

-Dorothy and Timothy S. Sanford to Chase Home Finance LLC for $0 for Lot 549 at Caliston at Ballantrae Phase One Resurvey of Lots 501-520, 543-553 and 557-561.

-Chase Home Finance LLC to Secretary of Verterans Affairs for $0 for Lot 549 at Caliston at Ballantrae Phase One Resurvey of Lots 501-520, 543-553 and 557-561.

-Town Builders Inc. to Jerry and Claudean Hill for $74,200 for Lot 18-18 at Mt. Laurel.

-Investment Associates LLC to Misty and Michael Cork Jr. for $370,925 for Lot 33 at Beaumont.

-Louis J. and Patricia McGee to William Lee Halfacre and Gabrielle Steigner Halfacre for $224,000 for Lot 56 at Sandpiper Trail.

-Michael T. Cork Jr. and Misty D. Cork to NSH Corp. for $254,265 for Lot 41 Block 11 at Edenton, a condominium.

-Joseph S. Arledge to Mary B. Arledge for $93,500 for one parcel.

-Nathan Stamps to Joseph S. Arledge, trustee, and Joseph M. Arledge Credit Shelter Trust for $75,000 for Lot Six and Seven at Merchant Melton Subdivision.

-Patricia Grahovac Nogosky, personal representative, and Joseph R. Nogosky, also known as the Joseph Rick Nogosky Estate to Patricia Grahovac Nogosky for $50,000 for Lot 20 at Navajo Hills.

-Chase Home Finance LLC to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation for $0 for Lot 541 at Weatherly Aberdeen.

March 4

-Craig T. Moore and Stephanie L. Cannon, now known as Stephanie L. Moore to Craig T. Moore and Stephanie L. Moore for $0 for Lot 29 at Chelsea Ridge Estates.

-Frank C. Ellis III LLC to Red C. Investments LLC for $37,500 for one parcel.

-Patricia Jean Wills to George R. Pickle Sr. and Phyllis Tseng Pickle for $30,221 for Lots 26 Block C and 27 Block C at Liberty Heights.

-Michelle Schnader, also known as Michelle K. Norris and Jared Schnader to Michelle Schnader, also known as Michelle K. Norris and Jared Schnader for $110,890 for Lot Eight at Canyon Park Townhomes.

-William E. Yeackle to Elijah D. and Leisha H. Aaron for $222,000 for Lot 159 at Forest Lakes.

-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Andrew Carl Agerton for $136,000 for Lot 33 at Cross Creek.

-D.R. Horton Inc. Birmingham to Carlos Parra Vargas and Carolina Camacho for $129,000 for Lot 88 at Kensington Place.

-Haven Homes LLC to Cynthia M. and William F. Thigpen for $198,900 for Lot 220 at Lacey’s Grove.

-Gem Mac Taylor to Frances Holmes Taylor for $25,000 for one parcel.

March 5

-John and Louise T. Strength to Ralph E. Blair for $345,000 for parcels.

-Scott A. and Allyson C. Denham to Shelley Nicole Vest for $147,800 for Lot 44 at Narrows Reach.

-Dustan L. and Kristi M. Goode to Cheryl and Douglas W. McDaniel for $148,000 for Lot 404 at Wyndham Rockhampton Sector.

-SAWABE Properties LLC to Todd H. Beegle for $185,000 for Lot 150, Lot A at Inverness Cove Phase Two Resurvey No. One Final Plat.

-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Pierce Adam George and Deedra George for $165,200 for Lot 1114 at Old Cahaba.

-Carter Homebuilders Inc. to Rayth Eugene and Lisa Ann Burnham for $109,000 for Lot 36 at Ridgecrest.

-H. Monroe Properties LLC to Clearwater Community Church for $700,000 for one parcel.

-U.S. Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $0 for Lot Five at Shannon Glen.

-D.R. Horton Inc. Birmingham to James and Pamela J. Thompson for $139,900 for Lot 46 at Kensington Place.

-D.R. Horton Inc. Birmingham to Anthony Campanelli Jr. and Ivy Campanelli for $219,900 for Lot 33 at Belvedere Cove.

-D.R. Horton Inc. Birmingham to Bradley Carlson for $120,865 for Lot 16 at Union Station.

-Leslie O. Mims to Danny Ward for $205,000 for Lot 26 at Lenox Place.

-David Diaz and Marisol Portes to Ashok K. and Swarna L. Dheeravath for $355,000 for Lot 37 at Glen Estates.

-Habibah A. Dixon to Habibah A. Dixon and Lanessa F. Peeples for $15,000 for Lot 17 at Cambrian Ridge.

-Jeffrey K. Hollis to Anita B. Bastian for $151,000 for Lot 46 at Greystone Highlands.

-Oussama Sukkar, also known as Oussama Sukar and Nahla Sukkar, also known as Nahla Sukar to Simon David Brewer for $401,000 for Lot 3412 at Riverchase Country Club 34th Addition.

-Ronnie T. West Sr. and Stephanie C. West to Wesley Taylor Anderson and Lori Ann Anderson for $279,900 for Lot 27 at Chestnut Glen.

-Donald Warren Brown, co personal representative, Johnny Lowell Brown, co personal representative, and the Ruey Marie Jones Brown Estate to Laurie and John F. Brown for $119,000 for one parcel.

-Distinguished Homes LLC to David C. and Stephanie W. Meadows for $497,000 for Lot 32 at Heatherwood.