Pelham High takes to the stage

Published 4:05 pm Monday, March 22, 2010

The theater classes are rehearsing whenever they can for their upcoming play; whether it’s during a free period, during the theater class or often after school.

These rehearsals are preparing the students for “Romeo and Juliet,” which will be performed in the Pelham High School auditorium in April. Juniors and seasoned PHS actors Matthew T. and Haley T. will be playing Romeo and Juliet.

“To prepare for Romeo, I put my mind in a love-struck state and try to convey that message through my acting,” Matthew T. said about how he is preparing for this classic role.

The play will be enacted in a different way than in the typical interpretation. This version is meant to have a more urban and contemporary setting.

“The set design will be more urban with scaffolding that rotates around, unlike the straight design of classic Romeo and Juliet,” Matthew T. said.

“It is a very modern Romeo and Juliet with modern costuming and set. We will also be rapping some parts. There will be dance,” said Mrs. Jamie S., theater teacher and drama club sponsor.

This play will be a particular challenge to arrange due to the antiquity and inspiring longevity, as well as the expectations to meet of this distinguished Shakespearean play.

“It is very hard to direct Shakespeare and have it read to a modern audience,” said Mrs. Jamie S.

“The entire cast rotates scenes and days to rehearse their lines. Some of the more outgoing actors even perform their favorite parts to their friends in other classes,” junior Kendall W. said about preparation.

She is the stage manager and is helping the cast and Mrs. Stephenson in directing this play.

Pelham High School will be looking forward to the play, especially this play that has been portrayed in a myriad of different versions.

Theatre is working hard to try to make it a good one.