If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands

Published 4:30 pm Monday, March 29, 2010

“Find a spot and get ready to do some wiggling,” Ms. Rhonda Cracraft told preschoolers as they played instruments and marched into the room.

It was 10 a.m. Thursday at the Calera Public Library.

For the next hour, children and parents would socialize and participate in reading enrichment and crafts.

The children put their instruments away and ran to stand on their favorite color puzzle piece.

Several changed their favorite color at least three times.

“Find a place and listen for the music,” Ms. Rhonda said.

I thought of my mother’s words when I could not stand still. “You’re like a wiggle worm in hot ashes!”

More than 20 energetic preschoolers danced around shaking their sillies out, clapping their crazies out and wiggling their waggles away.

Ms. Rhonda asked if anyone knew who had a birthday this week. Dr. Seuss had a birthday and they got a special treat.

“We are going to read t-w-o Dr. Seuss books and do t-w-o-o crafts this week.” She demonstrated two fingers.

Ms. Rhonda walked around while reading “My Many Colored Days” so all the children could see the illustrations. She described the colors and the day they represented.

Next she read “The Foot Book.” She enacted each page, her feet spreading in every direction.

The children then divided in two groups. One group colored a bookmark to represent the day they were having.

The other half painted their feet for an impression. The groups swapped so everyone had a chance to color and paint.

P. J. was not happy about coating green paint on his feet. Ms. Rhonda suggested tracing his shoe, but that did not appeal to him either.

He decided to join the bookmark group.

I checked on him later to find out what color day he was having. I should have known without asking. P. J. was having a red day.

Brady liked having his feet painted. “The paint feels cold.” He planned to display his five year old footprints on the refrigerator.

Isja and Hannah had a blast painting their feet.

After taking their picture, I asked Hannah’s grandmother to spell her last name.

“You spell mine B-e-n,” Hannah’s four year old brother told me. He watched as I wrote it.

After the activities, the children went to the book section. I went home for a nap.

For more information about preschool activities, contact the library at 668-3514.

Mollie Brown is the new community columnist for Calera. She can be reached at dmjhb1@bellsouth.net.