Sheriff’s Reports for the week of March 31, 2010

Published 12:04 pm Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 16

-Harassing communications from the 100 block of Hollow Oak Drive, Bessemer.

March 17

-Harassing communications from the 3400 block of North Broken Bow Drive, Birmingham.

-Harassment/criminal trespass from Highway 280, Birmingham (service, gas station).

-Leaving the scene of an accident from Chelsea Corners Way, Chelsea (parking lot, garage). (Suffix 03). Damaged was a 2006 Pontiac Grand Am.

-Theft of property from the 6000 block of Highway 26, Columbiana. Stolen was copper tubing, bronze at an estimated length of 130 feet valued at $250.

-Domestic violence assault from County Road 47/County Road 42, Shelby (other, unknown).

-Domestic violence (assault) from Day Springs Drive, Chelsea.

-Domestic violence/harassment/theft of property from the 200 block of McConico Road, Vincent. Stolen were $83 in cash, a food stamp card, a bottle of “Loritab” and a bottle of Valium.

-Death investigation from the 200 block of Briar Patch Way, Maylene. Listed as damaged, destroyed were various medications.

-Identity theft from the 7600 block of Old Highway 280, Sterrett (specialty store). Forged, counterfeited was a check valued at $470.

-Theft of property from Dusty Way, Harpersville. Stolen were 25 Alprazolam.

-Burglary from Twin Oaks Way, Chelsea. Stolen were a Gateway computer (laptop) and a Lexmark printer.

-Theft of property from the 4700 block of Highway 280, Birmingham (storage facility). Stolen were a utility trailer and a pressure washer with two large tanks valued at a total of $15,000.

-Criminal mischief from Johnson Drive, Chelsea. Damaged was a singlewide trailer. Stolen were a washing machine and a dryer.

-Harassing communications from the 300 block of County Road 446, Columbiana.

-Resisting arrest/possession of controlled substance from Great Pines Drive, Leeds. Confiscated, seized were a marijuana pipe, 6 grams of marijuana and two Hydrocodone Acetaminophen pills 4 grams 100 ML/500 MG.

March 18

-Failure to pay for gasoline from the 5000 block of Highway 280 East, Birmingham (service, gas station). Stolen was 15.8 gallons of regular gasoline valued at $40.11.

-Domestic violence/assault from the 500 block of Edgeland Road, Vandiver.

-Harassing communications from Highway 280, Chelsea (highway, street).

-Harassing communications from the 400 block of Cove Road, Wilsonville.

-Harassing communications from Goggins Drive, Montevallo.

-Criminal mischief from the 200 block of Birmingham Street, Montevallo. Damaged was a fuel line going to the fuel tank of a 2004 Dodge Intrepid.

-Domestic investigation from the 11000 block of Highway 42, Shelby.

-Forgery from the 2800 block of Highway 25, Wilton (parking lot, garage). Forged, counterfeited was a bill of sale for a 1991 Nissan Maxima.

-Burglary from the 4000 block of Heritage Parkway, Birmingham. Stolen were three televisions, a Wii, two toolboxes, jewelry, a computer and monitor and a coin collection.

-Burglary from the 100 block of Katy Circle, Birmingham.

-Theft of property from Monte Tierra Trail, Alabaster. Stolen LG Shine cell phone valued at $80, an Apple iPhone valued at $499, a Blackberry wall charger valued at $29.99 and Bulova diver’s watch valued at $300.

-Domestic violence-harassment/violation of court order from the 1000 block of Valentine Lane, Wilsonville (highway, street).

-Theft by deception (attempted) from the 200 block of Primrose Lane, Shelby.

-Unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle from the 1500 block of Bent River Circle, Birmingham. Stolen were a Dan Wesson Arms .357 magnum firearm valued at $700, two gas of tools valued at $600, an Old Timer pocket knife, a calculator, a Planet Fitness gym card, three sets of headphones valued at $50 and a tie-down ratchet valued at $30.

-Death investigation from the 100 block of Wild Ivy Lane, Maylene. Listed as damaged, destroyed were various medications.

-Harassing communications from the 800 block of Eagle Ridge Drive, Birmingham.

-Burglary from the 100 block of Mostellers Circle, Shelby. Stolen was a television. Damaged was a door.

March 19

-Child custody dispute from the 100 block of Turtle Lane, Calera.

-Domestic investigation from the 100 block of Nelson Circle, Montevallo.

-Criminal mischief/domestic investigation from the 20000 block of Highway 55, Sterrett. Damaged was a doorframe and jam.

-Domestic investigation from Tiger Lily Lane, Montevallo.

-Property damage from 3100 block of Indian Crest Drive, Birmingham. Damaged in the amount of $200 was a mailbox.

-Domestic investigation from the 600 block of Narrows Point Way, Birmingham.

-Domestic investigation from the 5000 block of Woodford Drive, Birmingham.

-Criminal mischief from the 100 block of Stonecrest Drive, Birmingham (parking lot, garage). Damaged was an automatic gate in the amount of $3,000.

-Domestic violence (harassment) from the 2000 block of Forest Lakes Lane, Sterrett.

-Domestic violence/harassment from the 2000 block of Harris Wright Drive, Birmingham.

March 20

-Domestic investigation from the 2000 block of Springfield Loop, Birmingham.

-Allowing dogs to run at large from the 300 block of Highway 474, Leeds.

-Harassing communications from the 5000 block of Afton Drive, Birmingham.

-Attempting to elude police officer from Highway 25 south from Gibson Road to railroad tracks before Highway 42, Calera (highway, street).

-Fraudulent use of a credit/debit card from various businesses and unknown locations. Stolen was $1,546 in U.S. currency.

-Theft of property from the 1400 block of Petal Fall Drive, Birmingham. Stolen were 90 Alprazolam 2 -milligram tablets and 30 Clonazepam 1- milligram tablets.

-Theft of property from the 23000 block of Highway 145, Columbiana. Stolen were a 3/8 drill and a jigsaw.

-Unlawful manufacturing of controlled substance/unlawful possession of controlled substance from the 1800 block of County Road 99, Shelby. Confiscated, seized were meth (methamphetamine), a scale used to weigh drugs and a .22 revolver.

-Promoting prostitution from the 4400 block of Highway 22, Montevallo.

-Assault from Gilmore Nick Circle at Pilgrim Rest Church, Montevallo (highway, street).

-Domestic violence/harassment from Hardy Lane, Vincent.

March 21

-Domestic investigation from Lake View Circle, Vandiver.

-Disorderly conduct from the 5000 bloc of Highway 280, Birmingham (parking lot, garage).

-Burglary from the 31000 block of Highway 25, Wilsonville. Damaged was an iron storm door. Stolen were a Porter Cable saw valued at $150, an 8-foot ladder with TPC engraved on the side valued at $25 and a Stanley hammer valued at $30.

-Theft of property/burglary from the 100 block of Bell Drive, Sterrett. Stolen were a 2003 Honda Recon valued at $2,000, an oil painting and frame valued at $150 and a Security Plus gun safe valued at $300.

-Community notification violation from the 100 block of Newsome Road, Wilsonville.

-Rape from Hearthwood Lane, Birmingham.

-Domestic violence harassment from the 2100 block of Hearthwood Lane, Birmingham.

-Burglary from the 2700 block of Highway 17, Montevallo. Stolen wee a 32-inch Insignia television valued at 500, an oak wood jewelry box valued at $100, jewelry valued at $500 and a .22-caliber revolver valued at $250.

-Theft from the 26000 block of Vale Drive, Birmingham. Stolen were jewelry valued at $7,726.41.

-Possession of drug paraphernalia from Highland Lakes Drive at Crest Road, Birmingham (highway, street). Recovered were two metal pipes believed to be used to smoke illegal narcotics and a cigarette lighter valued at $1.

-Criminal trespass from the 300 block of Windchase Trace, Birmingham.

-Criminal mischief from the 5000 block of Mountain View Parkway, Birmingham. Damaged was a Goodyear tire in the amount of $125 and paint on a vehicle passenger side.

March 22

-Harassing communications from the 6000 block of Highway 17, Maylene (highway, street).

-Harassment from Highway 491, Vandiver.

-Property damage from the 3000 block of Brook Highland Parkway, Birmingham (highway, street). Damaged were a front grill, hood and bumper.

-Criminal tampering from the 2400 block of Forest lakes Lane, Sterrett. Damaged was an AT&T phone line valued at $150.

-Property damage report from undisclosed, Helena (other, unknown). Damaged were a driver’s side mirror and a rear driver’s side fender.

-Criminal mischief from the 8300 block of Henley Way, Birmingham (parking lot, garage). Damaged was a driver’s side front fender.

-Domestic violence harassment from the 100 block of Cambrian Way, Birmingham.

-Domestic violence harassment from the 4000 block of Somerset Ridge, Birmingham.

-Intimidating a witness from Buttewoods Drive, Birmingham.

-Burglary/unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle from Highland View Drive, Birmingham. Stolen was jewelry including a 3/4-carat diamond solitaire ring valued at $8,000 and loose change.

-Identity theft from the 200 block of Stonegate Drive, Birmingham (other, unknown).

-Unlawful breaking and entering vehicle from the 1700 block of Creswell “Road, Harpersville. Stolen 50-inch RCA big screen television valued at $800.

March 23

-Death investigation from the 22000 block of Highway 25, Columbiana. Listed as damaged, destroyed were various medications.