Donated Wii keeping kids active at the LNLC

Published 11:01 am Friday, April 2, 2010

The new Wii in Katie Boyd’s physical education class is by far the favorite station among her students. Boyd, an adaptive P.E. teacher for the Linda Nolen Learning Center, said she was “jumping up and down” when she found out that a Wii was coming to her classroom.

The late Linda Nolen’s daughter, Betsy Nolen, and the company she works for, Barfield, Murphy, Shanks, and Smith PC Accountants, donated the game system to the school for Christmas this year. The LNLC provides special education services to students who are mentally, physically, or emotionally disabled.

Now that the LNLC has a Wii, students can play active games such as Wii Fit Plus, and dance and sports games as part of their physical education.

“Even the students in wheelchairs can do range of motion games like bowling,” said Boyd.

Because the Wii was donated, Boyd was able to use money from her budget to pay for extra remotes and games that are relevant for her students.

“They like to play Dance Dance Revolution, they ask for it everyday. If the Wii isn’t out, somebody wants to play it,” Boyd said. With the extra remotes, up to four students can play it at a time.

“I’ve never had just one student playing it,” she said. “If I don’t put the Wii into the lesson plan for the day, I use it as an award for good behavior.”

Students aren’t the only ones benefitting from the addition of the Wii to the school.

“The staff uses it for exercise after school,” Boyd said. “We’re going to try to start an aerobics class with it next year. I’ve got big plans.”