Chelsea Community Church hits milestone

Published 3:28 pm Monday, April 5, 2010

March 14 marked Chelsea Community Church’s last Sunday worship service in its K-Springs sanctuary.

No, the church is not closing its doors.

It is not moving out of the community.

Instead, services are now being held in the congregation’s new worship center — the church gym, which the church renovated and furnished with comfortably padded chairs.

The former sanctuary seated 180, said Pastor Greg Davis.

Attendance averages more than 300, about 86 percent more than a year ago.

“We can now seat an additional 200 people in our two morning services,” Davis said. “We want to be ready to host all of the new folks God is sending our way.”

Renovations include a larger welcome center and café where members and visitors meet for coffee, muffins, smoothies and fellowship before services.

Upstairs, former classrooms and the church sanctuary are now children and student centers.

Easter week events included an Eggstravaganza with a giant egg hunt, prizes, special music and other entertainment.

Special services with inspiring music, messages and a drama were held Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday and Easter morning.

The congregation is also celebrating several milestones in the church’s history this spring.

The first service in the new worship center, along with the one-year anniversary of the merger of Chelsea Community Church (CCC) and K-Springs Church of God, took place on March 21.

CCC’s two-year anniversary and the 108-year heritage of the K-Spring’s church will be celebrated April 18.

The first CCC Women’s Conference will be held in May.

Members of the former K-Springs Church said a little more than a year ago, the church’s attendance was down below 50, and they were praying that God would send them a building full of people.

God chose to answer their prayers through their merger with the infant CCC, which needed enlarged space.

Pastor Davis said the first time he stepped up on the new worship center stage that first Sunday, it was like nothing he had ever experienced before.

“I knew that we were right in the middle of God’s plan and God’s call. There is no better feeling than that,” he said.

The church and Pastor Davis may be contacted at 678-9565.

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