Montevallo awarded NCAA Division II coaching grant

Published 2:23 pm Monday, April 5, 2010

The University of Montevallo was one of 18 NCAA Division II institutions recently awarded a coaching enhancement grant.

The every-other-year grants were established to address access, recruitment, selection and long-term success of women, ethnic minorities and other individuals in Division II. The program seeks to overcome hiring barriers by providing funds that help schools create assistant coaching positions.

The grant will help fund a new full-time women’s volleyball assistant coach position.

A selection committee composed of institutional personnel decides the grant recipients. Selections occur every two years and are based on an institution’s demonstrated commitment to diversity and history of inclusiveness.

The grant provides $16,000 each year to the institution to fund the new assistant coach position. The school is required to contribute an additional $8,000 annually. The position created must be a new, full-time assistant coach position, not an existing one.