Preachers, politicians ‘pie it up’ for Alabaster Library

Published 8:21 pm Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Preachers and politicians squared off at the Albert L. Scott Library in Alabaster April 6 as part of The Big Read program across the county.

City council members Bob Hicks, Rick Walters, Tommy Ryals and President Jim McClain faced evangelists Brian Erickson of First Methodist Church of Alabaster, Brian Miller of First Methodist Church of Helena and Greg Hayes of the Church of Christ of Alabaster.

Hayes said participating in such events that bring the community together over reading is good for preachers and politicians alike.

“As part of the church and the community, we both try to teach people and develop relationships within the community,” Hayes said. “That’s what this is all about.”

Ryals said anything that brings attention to the wonderful library Alabaster has to offer is worth it.

“This is the least we can do,” Ryals said. “The library is one of the centerpieces of every city, and functions like this are great opportunities to show off what we have to offer.”

Ryals said he hopes the economy will recover soon so the city can move forward with plans of a new city center and library, so the library can expand on its already bustling list of activities.

“If you look at (the library) calendar, they are offering something for everybody year round,” Ryals said. “And reading is something your kids will use and take with them the rest of their lives.”

Although Ryals and Walters were in the running to win the 10-minute event, it was Hicks who took home the award for eating the most pie.

His award? Another pie from Jim N’ Nicks, who provided pies for the event.

“The thing that made it bearable was that Jim N’ Nicks makes such a great product,” Hicks said after gobbling down three-fourths of a pie. “My wife doesn’t let me eat pie, so this was a treat.”

But while Hicks took home the award for most pie, he said it was the library that won during the event.

“The library is such a focus point of our city,” Hicks said. “Not only are there books, but they have DVDs, CDs, books on tape – almost anything media-related that you could want or need.

“People just don’t understand what the library has to offer, and it’s free. The important part today was to bring people out to the library,” he added.