Counting down the time left in school

Published 2:54 pm Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We have seven Mondays left of high school.

In between AP exams, field trips, teacher work days and the senior luncheon, I really only have two full academic weeks left of school.

I know that our teachers are still teaching, but unfortunately, I am not sure if we are still listening. I can not speak for the rest of my senior class, but I know that my mind is on everything but academics this close to graduation.

Since I was six years old I have been working towards that walk this May. My thoughts, especially when I am in class, are never really on anything else.

Most of my friends are worried about life after high school.

They complain that they will never see some of their friends again after graduation.

My perspective is that any friends that I care about keeping in touch with, I will keep in touch with.

Lord knows, there are some people that I will not mind not having to see every day.

While the thought of college does seem a bit daunting and does send my blood pressure sky-high, I have come to view this upcoming year as refreshing-a brand new start. I may not be able to bring all of my old friends with me, but I will make new ones.

And while focusing for the past 13 years on the ultimate goal of graduating high school had gotten a little monotonous, in college I will be working towards my dream job.

Getting to create my own classroom and help shape the young minds that will occupy the desks within, will keep me much more motivated than a piece of paper ever did.

So yes, graduation will be sad and I am sure that I will get nauseous at the thought of college half-way through this summer when reality starts to set in, but I know that I will be okay.

May 27, here I come.

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